With 1.68m rather large or rather small?

Hey guys. I am 18 and probably already grown. Yes, I know you grow to 21. But since the past 4 years has done nothing in my size, I'm assuming that the well remains so. What do you all mean? Am I rather large or rather small so as girls? All my friends are shorter than me because I come to me like a giant: o Thanks in advance :)

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Hello Larissa! There is so much mischief spread here something what you like exactly judge can. You're the exact cut.

The average size of the Germans is for men 178.6 cm and for women

166.8 cm

, When Americans are 2 cm, even 5 cm less in French. The boys are less in your environment that is because they are done later with the growth.

I wish you all the best.

The average size of a woman is about 165 cm (to my knowledge) assuming you are of normal size.

Well one grows to 25 and 1.68 m is a bit small for 18 years. Bin 16 and 1.74. But that is too big. ^^

So great I am and I think that's a great size.

Not too big and not too small.

Except you want to be model, then you're too small.

I'm 14 and 1.67 m but the size is actually great. I want to be 1.70.

I personally a bit too small but as a friend is a normal size: D

I 12 (161 cm) guess you're a mini bit (and dasbist not meant ironically) dwarfed: /

So I find too small not isses ^^ but also very big. Is okay :)

Aso I am about 1.62cm: D I guess you're on average so ca)

as girls completely ok, I'm 1.68 tall and completely enough;)

Perfect size for a girl ;-)

I am 14 and 153 big, you're your 168 me there but almost super

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