With 20 years of 12 (!) Dental fillings :(

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I was today which my 12th stopping filled at the dentist with cement: / That's natural for me n Shock, which also pretty depressed me. But now my question: If I replace the cement with plastic you see the? Because the cement slightly dirty, slightly greenish looks and he is bissl striking (although only my molars are affected and these are hidden bissl ^^)

When I brush my teeth Flege of 1-2x brush to 3x and in addition to 1x floss in the evening every night ne mouthwash and 1x a week elmex gelee use, you believe then that somehow with my teeth (that is, the net aged 40 years or be as or similar .....)

If net if I could help jmd which make 12 fills me really ready ....


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Plastic fillings really do not fall on. However, the health insurance pays only in visible areas of the mouth a plastic filling. The fillings can be found at various dentists in varying quality and thus in different price range (per load btw 50 and 130 € copayment / -depending on quality). You should also keep in mind that cheap plastic fillings rather need to be replaced again. Not only because the material is so porous or but also GEADE because a not so thoroughly working dentist has the composite surface btw tooth and filling prepared not enough. Since it can happen that alone between tooth and filling what constitutes again what caries favors. Then, the filling needs to be removed, then the decay and then comes back into a filling.

On the subject of dental hygiene: take thee from the pharmacy an interdental brush, with which you brush your teeth in front of actual interstices are cleaning. And after eating acidic foods (fruit, milk ...) you should at least wait 30 minutes before you brush your teeth, because these LM attack tooth enamel and brushing the only increase. Happy, LG

Not only your dental care decide about how to proceed. But also your diet: eat less, and less sugar.

Plastic fillings you have to pay on the molars itself

How about times brushing teeth with?

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