with directions hair (dark) drown?

Hey you :) I like to drown out my hair. Got my hair never tinted or colored. I would like an unusual color, so presumably something unnatural. However, my hair dark brown, really dark. I've heard that the "Directions" tints should be good. My question: has anyone of you experience with these colors and can tell me how long they hold about and whether they are suitable for dark hair? Thanks in advance :)

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So the colors are very good but if you want a gaudy color on dark hair you have to bleach it first and then drown the color otherwise you see nothing And the directions keep about 2 weeks with dark hair but very difficult go in the event better for hairdresser otherwise it ends up probably in a disaster)

If you want to have a really nice bang color, you will not get killed Blondieren rum. With dark hair these colors leave a glimmer in the jeweilgen color rauswäscht quickly. With bleached hair, it depends on the color of the shirt to make, how long it holds. For me, the colors have mostly kept to two weeks so (wash every 2nd day my hair). Hope I could help you :)

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