with dog in cabin fly in condor?

Hi, I wanted to ask if anyone experiences has is with his dog with condor flew in the cabin. What exactly was observed at the check-in and there were complications? My chihuahua only fit into a pocket 5cm higher than the predetermined dimensions of condor (20cm height) do you think that would be a problem? Likewise, I fly with him to the UK perhaps someone has it already done and it can report to me :) Thank you apologize in advance

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Dogs are allowed to fly up to 8kg in the cabin, but must be notified in advance and that mandatory time.

The dog may not out of pocket at the time.

Look but definitely not the entry requirements of England. Say what vaccinations are required and there is a quarantine. As far as I know there are in GB no quarantine, but in many other countries. Partly up to 30 days.

Air travel should still expect any dog, if you are not staying several months at the goal, because it means the animal enormous stress.

The airline can not secure a compromise on. England has so far as I know still quarantine for dogs. so please consult very closely. I would do any dog.

the sizes indicated the boxes must be observed, there are no exceptions. is the box too large -must the tierchen outside the passenger, space tronsportiert werden.die placing in a bag is not permitted. -only boxing there are prescribed the deurfen be used!

What's stopping you to ask times directly at the Condor? In a corresponding dog transport box (... and not in your dog handbag) Dogs are allowed to fly up to 8 kg in the cabin. Register extra you have your dog anyway ...

More importantly, it would be for you but to observe but still pretty special entry requirements for UK ...

For this you should consult with your veterinarian which vaccinations for the dog when necessary ...

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