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So I wanted something old to my eight months zwergspitz questions again. For now times, I am aware that not every dog ​​the public or trips to the cafe, ect. Withstands or can not do that and the need to respect one course !! The situation is like this: When my dog ​​Lucy was just almost 2 months at me, I got her a trip to a cafe made. The circumstances were: unfamiliar city, new people, a café with many people. Lucy got terrible salivation, vomited and got terrible diarrhea. I'm a vet immediately and it was her probably all too much. Since I was never where with her. Once away in a small town 10 minutes from our home and she met any new people and we visited no café but walked. Everything was no problem and went smoothly. Now I regret my first trip very naturally, since I have not sufficiently prepared. I have now also totally afraid to ride with her again in this city. Should I wait, should I just start out slow, short ride into town and visit times no cafe, I can take them generally times where? I just want to do anything wrong that time I had tremendous fear for them and I'm there still sorry to have brought them into this situation. I would be very grateful to tell me about your experiences and tips to give me as what and when to do it ih. I have become very unsafe and also my sister has a dog, she lets him hardly alone and spends most of his time at home or rarely goes out of the house AUSER course for walking. I thank those who take this time now schonmal

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