With HTML Button write to TXT file on FTP ?!

Hello, and specifically my question is whether it is possible that I (ie when clicking the buttons) can describe my txt file to my FTP server with an HTML button.?!

Asking for an answer, thank you !! :-)

The best answer

Hello GigsRam,

HTML and JavaScript alone should be something not capable.

If you would like to implement such a function you need already a programming language such as PHP.

But consider the possibility always the security of your Web server, if it is in the open Internet. Such a feature can be quickly exploited by hackers to write malicious software on your server and run if necessary. A password protection and correct file permissions immediately is because the minimum requirement!

You mean you want to register in an empty txt file when you click the button text, which is also on the server. Do I understand this in the right manner?

Then you have to decide whether you want the via javascript or php make yourself.

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