With my dog ​​what's wrong!

My dog ​​is still relatively young. But it is currently running curved for a walk. What's going on there? Did he verränkt or something?

The best answer

As will be behind more! Here is certainly not a doctor, but from the description it may be a kind of relief attitude, for whatever reason? Problem of the spine, hip or or; you ought to urgently leave clarify by X-ray and the TA report your findings.

Shall we make remote diagnoses here? It's your dog, you're wearing the healthcare, Sundays are clinics and veterinarians reached. Calls to and describe the behavior of the dog.

please go to the vet, here no one can give us an evaluation, it may be something simple, but it can also be something like a life-threatening poisoning ... not wait whom you worry you're ... well soon

Did he raged outside? If so, he may have sprained it.

On the safe side you are but if you go to the vet and imagine him there.

Please go to the vet -Still today. on the AB your veterinarian at runs a tape recorder -da learn her who notdienst at ... anosnten after next animal hospital suchne -the have a 24 hour service - (! please call ahead) ..

Please Mimm serious!

This can you just answer a veterinarian, which you should introduce your dog urgently.

Go to the vet and not over here

go to the vet if something is wrong

Just go to the TA - with a remote diagnosis is not helpful to the dog.

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