With nearly 16 still a virgin!

I will now then soon 16 and I'm still a virgin! When you had your first time? Am I somehow underdeveloped or so?

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You need not make for yourself no worries - nowadays it is indeed unfortunate fact that girls have ever earlier sex, but mostly they are then not very happy about it .. As we hear always that they regret their first time, etc .. So me that does not happen, I waited an extra longer, until I was sure and did not feel it to repent afterwards .. Thus, I had to say until 18 and'd by no means my first time that I am underdeveloped or was ^^ I was even student .. But before I always had friends without being dependent intimate .. So do not worry, you will feel the right time :)

I had 15 my first time, but I find it no matter when, it just depends on with whom you experience it :)

Do not make yourself kirre eventually comes it

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