With what kind of diet you can lose weight fast and healthy

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The best way you can take it slow and do you work for Schrit Schrit zoom

No meat, only vegetables and fruits ... Good drink and 30 minutes walk every day ... 5 times a day to eat ... Of course, then small amounts ... I would as a "sport" a prank Holt overturn box on the floor and always pick einzelnd stooping ... Haha ... xD is now not a diet but better than a diet ._. Oh ... If you love meat, can eat only so little, but a lot of vegetables ... steam vegetables ... Not much pasta and potatoes ... bread often omit. Haha .... And vitamins capsules take ... Ehm ... iron and magnesium, calcium take to thee :) just natural juice, not sugary abound ... really leave candy, at least a little, if I have to. ..

I think the decrease is partly as a healthy and normal diet important and the other movement. Attempts to comply with all 3 meals. One should not leave anything, this creates only the so-called jojo effect. When times chocolate or so eating in moderation, that is perfectly fine. Of which no one takes also the same. Then exercise regularly - do what you enjoy. I play for. B Table Tennis. Although many do not view as a sport, it has an advantage. In the time you move and not sitting in front of the PC, laptop or television. I ride every day by bike to school - is indeed sport. easy to make experiments between some sport

  • Avoid finished products: It contains glutamate, which stimulates the appetite
  • barbecue with the family: There is no fat and you're out in fine weather
  • take small print exactly: When standing on the sweets "diet ..", this means it is suitable for diabetics. Instead of sugar it contains z. B maltitol. The fat content, however, is equal to
  • Often go to fresh air
  • Not too much mayo or else on the salad
  • Before shopping eat something. Anyone hungry go to the supermarket, buy statistically proven to eat
  • A lot of drinking water is best, not to little Cola
  • To burn fat the body needs different "ingredients" such as iodine. Iodine is contained z. B in Fish
  • Grapfruit enhalten bitter substances, which stimulate fat burning. Suitable for a bigger meal
  • Cinnamon in the yogurt, because it lowers the risk of cravings sweets in moderation.
  • Suitable examples. B gummy bears contain no fat
  • Replace butter with cottage cheese or cream cheese
  • Fruit as a snack for in between
  • Sports make you run .., etc.

healthy and fast includes mutually exclusive and dieting have brought never what

move less food more

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