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Hi community I am already half a year in love with a boy from my class. We are both 14 and have met before. Are good friends but somehow I want more than friendship. My best friend says he would be on me and we would find a perfect match. We write every day (even Luv). Well said my best friend I should take a step further, and with it write about relationship (for example, whether he had a girlfriend ...) but how should I start with the theme? I can not just write this: did you ever have a girlfriend? I need urgent help! Would love to write about it but do not know how to start. Thanks in advance! :)

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Oh I know. I was a few days ago in this situation. Although I am a boy but I think that does not matter. I have simply times written and told her how I find them. I do not find them very and such. Then she replied Dan and we got more this week. Now we're a Happy couple. Incidentally, at your age I am. I'll also help you. Simply comment. PS: Just have courage and speak / write to him !!


Hello teens in the world! Begin at last times to talk with boys instead rumzufingern permanently on your smartphone.

Boys often do not write like. What should also be written in the most banal Quark, secrete the teens during puberty permanently? The same holds true for the weak-minded Likerei in Facebook.

Prepare yourself clear that in writing between your flock and you two electronic devices such as a fence stand. If you look at you talk in your eyes, you have much greater chance that it sparks!

I have a feeling that WhatsApp rather "I Hiding-because--I-am-cowardly-app" to be called.

It does not matter if he had a girlfriend, you can his previous relationships anyway not take it seriously, because it is far too immature for a serious relationship / was. Also, I would in your place not ask if he wants to go with you, it just happens. ) (Or not).

Um, as a boy I feel that this is not coming across well: D

Schick yet so a chain letter with questions he must answer it, or where you have to ask him a question, to which he should answer honestly. Cheap Trick ... Not sure if that goes well: D

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