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Good day, I do not! So, my friend has received a loan from his former employer and was fired two weeks later. The loan was transferred to my account. The contract signed my friend and I can not get it before! With the money a car bought and my friend had to deliver the letter to the employer. (When he was still employed) What I do not understand because the car is registered in my name. So I am the owner. The car was after he was terminated logged. Big mistake. Now I need the car again (8 months later) and can not apply for the vehicle registration as a franchise lawyer at the Office is present that will be withheld due to the loan. My friend could not pay more because it was so terminated the loan. What is also incomprehensible to me ... until I give a loan and then I cancel the employee ... ???? Where is the sense? My question now is, I do not have the right to the registration certificate? I've no contract with the company and the car he gave me ... so it's my car right? Bill and letter is my name in it! I have spoken with the company that they say show me for fraud because the money went into my account :( and give me the letter only if I pay them the money in cash ... now I hang there unintentionally with it: * ( Do you have any advice?

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Hi georg. So I thought that too. Unfortunately, there is nothing written that he gave me the car. Why should they? This is not something I have not thought in life.

To sell the car I need the vehicle registration -.- is not yes. The company does not want the car.

And so on a pycho stress I actually had no desire. That affects me already that threaten me now :( I have not signed anything

The car belongs to those who the letter. So to speak, his former employer, the car has also paid by he gave the loan. Looks bad.

Sell ​​the car and will settle your / your debt or bring the car to d3r firma


So if I have understood correctly heard the car completely you ??

then immediately to the lawyer and herrausklagen the letter to the company does not have the right to withhold letter.

and show you they can not because your friend had loan participants.

Do not be intimidated. something they always try.

You only needs for supplies no longer wait. there is a gifting certificate from your friend ??

if so immediately not to have to pay for the lawyer will cost you the old company.

good luck


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