Wlan box on the go?

You saw Heii as their very title is my question whether there is a wireless box or something similar on the go. I have no subscription with Internet and therefore costs me the Internet each time. I want to get around this and buy me such a box. do you know where there is such a thing and how expensive it is about? thank you ever advance. :)

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There are small devices with which to get mobile on the internet. Approximately the size of a € 10 bill. For this you need the device and a SIM card with Unlock. Internet flatrate. One can on the transmitted wireless or Bluetooth signal. Eg connect to the mobile phone or laptop with the box. The box is as it were a wireless modem or router.

etc. In electronic markets such as Saturn Can you find something. Costs approx around 40 €.

You can activate a mobile hotspot .. on your mobile) that is even free :)

completely wrong approach. wlan outside your apartment is only possible with so-called. public hot spots, where you can usually surf for free. you need to only the entrance data from the provider, for example, of a hotel or in a shopping centrum.

if your mobile device does not have wireless integrated (there are actually still?) you can into the net with a usb wireless stick to such hotpsots. notebooks, tablets and almost all smartphones have always wireless.

But those public hotspots are highly risky with respect to data security, because the danger of hacking is very big there.

Why Box? You can login but in different wireless networks log free or perhaps use the hotspots of Telekom, the free of charge, there is a contract to entsprechzenden.

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