WLAN limited, tried everything!

Good day, following problem: since about 2 weeks with my WLAN switches "limited" regularly. The expert was already there and we have implemented a new test FitzBox way for 3 days, has not brought it. Also a new sliver not helped. The drivers are all up to date, on the one hand the Fritz box and to the others of wireless receivers. Since it does not work on all 3 devices in the home, where one is connected via LAN and operates at no it can not be at the receivers. On the surface of the Fritz box is on the fault analysis that the DSL is interrupted.

Do I have options to "fix" all about? Any other options on the Internet I found, did not help.

Regards Richard De

The best answer

Hello, if the Fritz! Box reports that the DSL is disturbed or interrupted, then the whole problem with the Wi-Fi has first to do anything. From this statement it can be concluded that no LAN connection would allow the use of Internet. This problem situation is best instant error checking by the telecom emergency hotline - the functioning Internet must be above all ensured. Then, when the error location should not have dissolved into thin air, is actually checking the home network makes sense.

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