wobbly incisor after fall

hello am, stumbled yesterday and unhappy fallen on my mouth. This morning I noticed that a front tooth is a little shaky. When eating it hurts too, especially when I "hard" bite on something. Although the tooth is not completely "off", but does in touch hurt. Has anyone had similar experiences ? If the tooth with time OK?


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You mean that he has arrived or what? So that was for me. I also thought that just a little shaky, but the dentist immediately said that has dawned - an implant was needed.

I think that you your treating dentist to say more after examining.

Good luck...

If the tooth with time OK?

May be, also can not be. Go to the dentist and let the dental X-ray. Very important. Possibly stalls the nerve of the tooth and it has a root filling can be made. Predictions can not.

No he is not, you should immediately go to a dentist that does not sound good because what you write

On to the dentist and can make an investigation :)

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