worth as pc zocker a ps4


because I really only on my pc zocke but nevertheless the penetrated to have time on the couch, cozy to gamble, but never had a console I wanted to know if it's worth a ps4 as pc zocker to buy

mfg lltoba

The best answer

With the controller, it is really waaaay cozy. Would already say it's worth it, after all, is a console as opposed to a PC one time investment and has a great price / performance ratio.

Joa is cozy as it simply have to hand is because you only with the gamepad the ps4 serving them.

The biggest problem will be the joystick control. The makes a long crazy when you're pampered mouse and keyboard. Shooting with the PS3 were initially very stressful for me.

Except for the worse graphics and the limitations of the gameplay you were allowed to survive the really

If you play Ü18 then playing yes

Is cozy

Nope PCs are much better, powerful and versatile

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