Would go with me gta 5?

Hello, I wonder if gta 5 would go on my PC, so I have looked just once in the Control Panel ... Manufacturer: CLS computer GMBH & co Processor: AMD APU with Radeon A8.6600k (tm) HD Graphics 3.90 GHz Installed memory: 4.00 GB (3.19 GB usable) system type: 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor ... Vielleich is important to know that I have windows 8.1. I have it now only from the Control Panel depreciated knows there maybe someone out and could tell me whether gta 5 would go with me?

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Have tonight GTA gambled and found that the video settings are configurable to you GTA V can gamble with safety. The "alleged" highend system requirement is exaggerated ^ 10th

If you are still not sure, you simply lend a Steam account a miner and grandstand to the game, whether it runs smoothly with you .. but I'm sure that this configuration packs the 800x600 resolution ^^;)

these questions nerves slowly! peep you just the system requirements, then you know bescheit.

no you can not

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