Would it be harmful to my golden retriever when he would eat a raspberry?

Question is above (it is Ca.3 years old if the wanted to be important)

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Raspberries are just like strawberries, blueberries and Bromberern when Barf included.

I feed all the berries as they are in season.

Well no, it is not harmful, especially the raspberry leaves are used for many problems and are also from time to just show up in the feed.

The favorite Leckerlie my dog ​​(since the right freaks out) is Chinese cabbage, also this is in their diet anyway with it.


Raspberries may eat your dog calm, do not belong to the "forbidden" foods.

One of my Whippethündinnen raspberries has even plucked from the garden shrub.

Good succeed



I hope I could help

He should not eat daily but is not bad times

Our two Fellnasen eat very much like fruits, vegetables, etc., the main thing, there is something to chew;)). Besides grapes, we will not give.

Raspberries are not harmful, in the wild wolves eat not only meat but also berries. He should not eat grapes but that all know who a dog.

Ne my dog ​​eats strawberries and him nothing happened

No not at all be no bananas, grapes or apples are, in know a dog is crazy about fruit, in which one may

Definitely - no it is not harmful, it is even healthy

No, it is not harmful at all when your Golden Retriever eats raspberries.

Is not harmful in moderation.

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