Would remember her child the mother dog?

Have bought years ago ca 3 my dog ​​as a puppy and not seen since that time her mother.

Would now like her mother buy because the owner sold it.

If one of the two recall that? At least the mother?

The best answer

I do not know how it is when the have never seen.

So my dogs recognize their Mom and look like Bolle. However, my dog ​​sees his mom every 2-3 months, as well as his brothers, his sister and his nieces. Even his dad he recognized even though he saw him once with 4 weeks and then again six months later.

In my opinion, they recognize by the smell as it is with wolves and therefore is likely the time of not seeing irrelevant.

But not simply take the mother to you but only make a meeting of eg a meadow. Just because it is the mother, it does not mean that they like each other. So I would - make like any other dog also - only a meeting, then see.

Good luck

@ Jimmy hofer

I can report from my environment you only. A neighbor has a sweet dog from Spain. The was born there and came to Germany with a sister. He was here with us in the near very short on foster home that had also frequently visited, so that the woman knew how good the developed.

The woman he had already no longer recognized, but her husband. He had very good care of him and that was a joyful reunion.

Later, his two brothers came over here, not so much later, we had visited and which have not recognized. I also think that the mother would not have recognized her puppies.

You'd have the yes then remember when you together web threading the two only times on neutral ground.

Your dog will - even if it is his mother - she at home only once as an intruder feel (his kingdom). But that is going to give.

Perhaps other dog owners have indeed had different experiences.

My dog ​​recognizes his mother safe and its predecessors has also recognized his mother. That was and is always a happy dance. The mother smells indeed still the same. but comes safely to the environment in which they meet and how often they have seen so far.

My dog ​​has one of its puppies met again after 2 years and but wanted -they recognized again nothing to do with her! behave quite another that they otherwise meet other dogs brings (which despite its 10 years still wants to play and is curious) ... the exwelpe wanted thrilled to mother, but she has only growled at him ...

So it may well be that this is at all does not work and their problem-getting the socialization! I was to be there very carefully. an encounter neturalem ground vorschalge and smallest hostilities eighth! just 2 females often harmonize not together

Remember how man imagines it determines not but it can be very good, even over this long period, that one or both animals the odor with something (hopefully positive) link.

possibly Do you have the possibility for a previous meeting with the dogs?

Recognizing they do certainly only the mother will probably know nothing more of the puppies.

My bitch recognize their pups already, but you can not se ran ubd growls and chases them away if they do not react normally and she loves all the dogs.

In females must pay close attention to disputes. Bitches fight each other until one is dead.

No, the. From my has growled at him after 3 weeks separation and wanted nothing to do with him

I can often observe in our dogs meet other siblings and / or parents.

If the dogs have enough space to meet and also to go out of the way, there's / there was no problems.

But those were only ever visit meeting for a few hours ...

I can only advise you: it is difficult to take an older adult dog to a younger female to ... There is namely easily fast competitive behavior of the worse kind.

Females may quite so vicious treat each other that they are ready to fight until one remains lying.

So come to think of you all right!

I am convinced that dogs mom and pup recognize, even after 3 years.

Dogs are recognizable synonymous people they have not seen for years, why should it when conspecifics otherwise?

There's a reason that mothers and fathers violate their pups after a certain time. Incidentally, this was a long time ago with men too.

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