Would you (alone, 50 to 60 square meter apartment), wn.haft Goslar - Jürgenohl (not far from the gray Höfer wood) suitable for a Petit Bleu de Gascogne?

I would like, if I have a larger apartment, possibly to buy myself a dog, since I live alone. Someday Dogs experience. Had earlier where I still lived with my parents also had a dog for almost 15 years a Beagle. Since I lived in Jürgenohl. How is it when I would get me a Petit Bleu de Gascogne Puppies for me? Although I do not live in the countryside, but inm Goslar district Jürgenohl. The gray wood Höfer would 10 to 15 minutes away from me. And what if I 6- 9 hours work.?

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Want to hunt or Rettungshundestaffel? Or why a hunting dog?

I hardly think that a respectable breeder would sell you a puppy.

And you can also no dog 8-9 hours let alone.

And what if I 6- 9 hours work.?

thus keeping dogs would unfortunately drop out for you! No dog can be such a long period of time alone! You'd have you then have to take a dog sitter.

2 cats would be an alternative!

What the dog would because in about 9 hours for a job?

Apartment disassemble. howl neighborhood together and barking.

Or watching TV and reading newspapers.

Actually anyone should know who grew up with a dog that does not go with the approx 9 hr.

And what if I 6- 9 hours work.?

Then you can quickly forget you at all to provide any living dog!

... Or you must the dog to work take?

What matters is not the size of your apartment to if you want to give a dog a home, but primarily on the time you have to devote to a dog, and obviously does not have ...

If you've got ever lived 15 years with a Beagle, then you ought to really know that you can not have a dog constantly for hours may leave you alone ...

it is completely impossible for puppies 6-9 hours except house to be!

also for adult dogs you need for such a long time a hundebtreuung!

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