Wrong Java version? HELP

I get if I eg the JDownloader open following message: "You are using an incorrect version of Java Please the original Sun Java use but when I look in my Control Panel is in Java that I have the latest version...

What can I do now?

thank you

The best answer

Sun Java is for some time Oracle Java, just press yes and ignore Melung works

Java Search 8 deinstalieren and googlw java 7 .... anschliesend java 7 of vendor page down load and instalation .... The new java version 8 is no longer accepted applications from all .... all more info on www.java .com

But if I look in my Control Panel is in Java that I have the latest version.

Can not agree.

Current version 7 Update 71 (Build 1.7.0_71-b14). Yours is 1.8.irgendwas.

And Uninstall current from www.java.com reinstall.

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