Women: Which body size you would like, and how big are you? Men: Which body size can be found beautiful women?

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So I'm 1.64 tall and agree not to peace. Sometimes I would even 1-2 cm smaller because my girlfriends partly are also smaller than I :-)

I am 1.77: / the biggest in my class and I'd love to be alone 1,70 buying pants arises as complicated out since often the legs are too short :(

So I find perfectly between 1,60-1.72m. It is not too small, not too big and you can still wear high heels as a woman :))

I am 1.77 and find this size just right. High heels I wear way sometimes - not very often, because it's so uncomfortable.

My dream would large 1,70 but I will I do not reach. If not find icj it not to be a little bad small. :) I really understand why everyone never complain to be so small. Icj like it and would never want to be so huge. But this is my Meinung..manche like it halt Love when you're big. One has to make himself quite another not

I prefer big women, because I myself am also about 1.90m tall. Firstly, because it is then easier when kissing and dancing when you get better rum. To the can easily be in, from behind, ... * beep * ... right? :-)

the then reads as something like a jean order in the catalog! What is the aim of the question?

you can transfer your height but not to want want to customize an anonymous majority?

Since I am always very large, I would wish that I was still so at most 1.75m will and others are simply greater than I \ (^ ~ ^) /

I always thought that it depends on the character of.

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