Wv kh should eat a day wen you look at low carb feeds

Hi've recently started my low carb to feed so the 3 days are already now my question is therefore something kh ok as 100 g or is that too much? What is ideal then?

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Leave it to the low carb. Nourish yourself simply healthy and will not renounce anything. Especially not on carbohydrates, which contribute in conscious choice to a long lasting satiation.

Depends on your goal.

100g KH day are more likely to "moderate", but not "little" - not low. Depending on your calorie needs you with 100g KH already at about 20 percent of energy. Real Low Carb aiming at more like 10%, so as 30-60g KH day.

But should not mean that you can not achieve some success with 100g. Just when you einschränkst your sugar intake massively helps a lot.

PS: Low Carb is per se of course neither unhealthy nor idiotic. Are countless studies evidencing.

ideally this idiotic diet would not participate, it is a malnutrition

How about a healthy and balanced diet? This low carb is the purest GARBAGE! You really think any bullshit to you listen. https: //www./frage/heeey-leute-wie-muss-man-sich-fuer-freeletics-er ...

And at 79 kilos to 1.88 m is slimming eh LOW SENSE! Your weight is OK !! My God listens to this LEAN MANIA!

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