Xbox 360, Xbox or PS4 onee?

Hi Guys,

I'm torn. Would appreciate your opinion. Question is above :)

The best answer

Hello, So I want to affect in any way now, but if you want a stable online gaming and enjoy a great community, then get yourself definitely an Xbox One exclusive title coming plentiful in this and both next year. Sony has sold its own games developer "Sony online entertainment" at a US investment company "Columbus Nova". There, the game development is running but continue but not as before, because this developer no longer focuses attention on exclusive title but on multiplatform. What could glad it up garkeine can get exclusive title only slightly. At the "performance" both consoles are still far shown their potential as both will do much more. Many say the graphic is much better on the Ps4, I have to disappoint you in the most diverse details are times here and times since the games better. Speak with the naked eye you will notice little difference. I hope I could you a little under the arms when deciding access :) Lg

PS4 is in my opinion the best. But each to their own :)

PC !!!!! : D there is nothing better :)


you can play better lend or borrow you and hasd more for your money

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