XM8 G36 successor?

Since that is g36 surely now retired is really the only logical choice XM8 the right? I mean it is compatible with almost all accessories g36 share and the g36 magazines and has a similar design, then would the soldiers do not get too change

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Something on the edge:

The weapon was taken and procured. So she was taken exactly at the then decrease.

Furthermore, the question of what the BW demanded and promised HK what the weapon does.

If the weapon then meets the requirements identified and sent for the intended purpose, there is no problem of HK, but of the scheduling / purchasing body of BW.

Most annoying, I find that the problem is publicly well known since 2012, and has not used time seems to sense (HK says the ammunition is to blame and the ammunition manufacturer says HK) and is now also come under pressure from the media to a quick decision ,

What is very clear, the weapon must be deployed safely and reliably, without ifs and buts. It must also reserve capacity as his.

My tip HK416 / HK 417 will replace the G36.

The G36 seems to be the problem alone because the M-4 of US forces has probably problems.

So I would be strongly in favor of giving the FG42 another chance.

Enough clout and very versatile.

No now without wit, the army is a big customer that may require Hecker & Koch directly developing a new rifle which they are doing, if they are smart.

There are only two democratic states, which buy only everything what makes the arms industry - Germany and India.

The whole thing should run on a tendering as to all other countries also. No wonder that here again the completely lacking Murgs.

From ausmustern no one has said anything. A new run would solve the problems. When SL8, another version of the G36, which has a different run, there is no such problem.

But because the industry needs to be encouraged so at taxpayer expense, purchase possibly the HK416. But even that has the small caliber, which has proven in Afghanistan as deficient. The HK417 would be the better option ...

And even that does not protect the army against a fault. Because the G36 is a good gun itself. The Bundeswehr was your own fault, because they wanted it in cheap. And they've got!

I think much more that the HK 416 is the ideal candidate. There are already the H & K 416BW. This is the G36 to consider (if you give trust comparisons) and above all, it is already being tested. This retrofitting would be bureaucratic, easier and faster. Also, in contrast Kontroirt why it should not have known little problems. In addition to the booth HK416bw military also uses based thereon HK417 (known in the army as G27). It offers the same technical basis

Heckler & Koch had but even yet introduced another proposal. The MG36. It is only slightly heavier and sharing in large compatible. The HK416 other hand, is much more difficult.

The XM8 I consider impossible ... It is a revised G36. In US tests it has performed well, but it would have to be tested for the Bundeswehr further whether the Technical Relatives there is not doom is also questionable.

My hot tip .... HK 416

The problem is not the botch G36 but / and the cartridge 5.56. Not for nothing used Bundeswehr missions (!!!) again the modified G3 in 7.62!

The thing is however almost the same material and almost equal Built ..

.. If the G36 has a heat problem, then the XM8 also likely.

That the XM8 is the successor is virtually impossible!

Like all say heir, it will stay with probably at a German weapon undsomit remains actually only the 416 as a "logical" conclusion.

Standard magazine and extremely good reliability.

I would however persönlicch me happy if we would switch back on Belgian arms: P

you do not really, that's a decision logic, right?

here goes just about money! : D

The question is whether the XM8 not have the same drive suspension and thus the same problems.

The H & K 416 was far more interesting than that but it is based on the very good anyway AR-15 system whose greatest weakness (gas directly to the closure) has been eliminated by the Gaspistonsystem the G36.

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