Xperia Z3 - warranty IMEI number?

Hab still originally packed Xperia Z3 found around 400 euros, but without bill and warranty. The seller says but that guarantee is valid without invoice and proof of purchase, Sony abcheckt the data on the IMEI number. Is that right, should I buy the phone? (A new cost me at Amazon 490 including shipping.)

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Price of course is not too expensive. Nevertheless, you should think about the good. Why should he sell the unit as low. It can sein.Oft but just stolen equipment from the shops are stolen by the staff.

Because I would be very careful. If you sometime has a problem, is fact controllable, or come into contact with the police, check actually getting the IMEI numbers. Then you have a problem quickly. Possession is a criminal offense. I would buy it myself legally. Honestly, there are actually buying the phone no reason. The device comes in a few days on the market. I can promise that there will be over 100 € cheaper in summer. I would otherwise simply enter into an agreement and fund the phone so that the contract you do not have to use yes. The mobile phone is there for 0 € this.

The Xperia Z3 will be cheaper like all other Sony models already after one month. Also because Samsung and Huawei also bring models at the same time out.

Yes, sony, the date of manufacture Check number on the IMEI.

yet for garantiweabwicklung you need but a bill!

and z3 you get at the moment brand new entirely legitimate for € 430 with bill.

ie € 400 (device for a possibly stolen) is definitely there too expensive

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