Yesterday thousands ufo sightings in Frankfurt?

My father just arrived desperate from work and told me that were spotted in Frankfurt yesterday luminous objects, according to newspaper (no picture newspaper). There would be 1,000 eyewitnesses. On the net I find nothing about this and that's why I wanted to ask you if you know what you have to know or heard in Frankfurt that?

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Hello Denis! A shooting star / a small asteroid. Because there is such messages. B. from Freiburg and Mannheim.

And many eyewitnesses, all the best.


a UFO, it definitely was not. This is a racing car - quite banal said so a large shooting star. I read yesterday evening reports from pilots about this holiday were relatively close. At this height, to see such an object is certainly a unique experience. Some eyewitness reports, there is even from Rheinland-Pfalz which suggests that it must have been quite high (around 80 kilometers).

Yes, yesterday a meteorite is about gebraust German Lang. Have lots seen. But that was not a UFO. The is then down near the Zugspitze. Have I also seen. On the web Google time with date and meteorite because you can see beautiful pictures.

UFOs in Frankfurt? That reminds me of nothing. but sounds something akin as this "meteorite impact" of yesterday. Maybe it has something to do with it? ;)

These were unfortunately not UFOs but a comet: \_id\_4547091.html

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