you can get as fsj-ler travel expenses from the state back?

I nache to time my fjs and must back and forth every day 50 km with the car, driving .. public transport would be more expensive but uch get none of my employer .. and now I'm paying compulsory social insurance I can somehow tax-deductible ?

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if 2014 wages / Einkomnmensteuern be paid during the calendar year, all related expenses (eg travel expenses, textbooks ...) can be deducted from the income. However, as already a lump sum of 1,000 Euro per calendar year is taken into account, only advertising costs over 1000 euro are relevant. The partial reimbursement would then be made in the income tax return for, 2014.

Otherwise search possibly carpool. Or check with the public transport to benefits for trainees, etc. FSJler.



you can get as fsj-ler travel expenses from the state back?

You can not in principle. One can make a tax-reducing costs apply.

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