You don't like girlfriends of my friend

Yes today it is again so far from my friend has a very good friend's birthday and I did not feel like to go there because I do not know e ^^ Would much rather with my boys to spend Saturday night in a pub etc .. ,

But if I cancel my girlfriend she's pissed and angry: S What should I do?

The best answer

Partnership means among other things that one occasionally has to find compromises. Because we are now not all knit exactly the same.

What you should do in this particular case ?!

If it is a pure "Girlfriends Birthday", your friend should probably realize that you dislike to go, otherwise it could be very interesting indeed. Meet new people but is not bad either.

If you do not want to, then they should see and tolerate!

Unfortunately, this is the theory, how you do it practically can only solve their own!

Either way, a nice evening you!

Pull yourself together, your girlfriend do the joy and go out - do not have to lump it long.

Then chill at the party more with your girlfriend instead of with the others that you have not in the mood: D or you learn new cool people know

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