you have a pitbull in Germany login?

I heard something that pitbulls are allegedly dangerous and they sign so somewhere specially one muss.stimmt that? and they must wear muzzles?

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Hello, a Pit Bull Terrier is in each state and in each reportable except Niedersachsen, permit.

What you have to meet is in the country Dogs law of your state.

The attitude permission is requested from the clerk's office

Maulkorb- and leash is regulated differently in each state. You can let free the dog through a temperament test.

You sign any dog. The race is always detected with. To follow it, that when "dangerous" breeds dog tax fails extremely high.

The fact that certain breeds of dangerous to be than others, is bullshit. Since there is not a scientific proof.

I think so, that as some German the Nazi period afterwards grieve and now at least "race-lists" still can use in dogs. Without classification of certain turf of German all day is indeed sad. Anyone or anything you need to but can discriminate if one or it classifies him in fictional breed systems :-)

You have to log in to the community each dog.

List Dogs free but in many communities up to 10x more than a "normal" dog. Additionally, in most states is a proficiency examination and often a character test requirement.

The dog is not dangerous from scratch, but those dogs were often held by people who have been brought up, so these dogs are often noticed negative.

I hope that the racial hatred in dogs listen sometime to. It's just ridiculous.

This information shall contain every dog ​​namely Fiscally. Box Dogs are taxed mostly higher and have requirements that can be loosened by a character test. (Muzzle exemption etc) But this is different from state to state. Some states have no longer the stupid list. there is a pit accepted as equivalent to a goldi.

The individual states have different rules. Http: // ...

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