You must help me it comes court

Could I my brother with a witness of the 12 years old is show is my big brother 21 annoys us beats me and my brother sometimes and take my things away that I could include me get him behind bars? I hate my brother and I wish that it disappears from my later life ...

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Turn thee but to:

Counseling for children and adolescents

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http: // / ...

Please use this site first and then go with witnesses to the youth welfare office. Why not the police? Because she refuses to take majority adolescents seriously.

If your parents will not help you speak in school with a teacher you trust. The then already know further, perhaps through the Youth Office. Why "hate" you your parents?

Whether for the court to deal wird..das I dare to doubt. Why do you have parents who then should deal with it and also would have ???

Talk to your parents.

No you can not get behind him for this grid. Talk to your parents about

How old are you? Besprech it first with your parents

How old are you ?

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