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Hi folks, I (18) am in a pretty stupid moral conflict. Now I'm doing my A-levels in almost 2 months and then get out of school, so I run away the time. I have feelings for a girl that goes in the 8th grade. Yes, that's crazy! But I can honestly say that they the only girl at my school is really what attracts me so strong and interesting. She has this aura, this certain something. Well, you know;)

On the one hand I want to address it, on the other I have worst inhibitions because they probably. 13, 14 and I almost 19 !!!

My idea: I want to tell her that, and give her my number. And then I wanted to tell her that when 2,3 years older, would like to meet with her ...

Do you consider this is right? What would you do in my place ?! Thank you for your statement & advice! ;)

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Hello :) I would look at each falcon the contact to her !! Talk to iht and become buddies goes to the cinema times oda so, you must not gather the same yes !! ^^


I can tell you the following, be careful when you but ansprichst not on the buddy rail mount up it but tell her that you like her and you want to know want if she has about you interest, so you completely open let definitely the choice so they in an emergency can also escape from the situation, if they want, ie "free" terrain. If it breaks off the conversation does not mean the same that they do not want anything from you, special needs time in order to get along. It has made my friend at that time, we have an age difference of almost 10 years (I 15 and he 25), also the then drops 20 no longer occurs in both of you. There we have it harder.

Some girls are older guys and if the others realize that you're standing on them, they will eventually "happy". I believe that a relationship with a minor (if one is even an adult) is unlawful.

"My idea: I want to tell her that, and give her my number and then I wanted to tell her that when 2,3 years older, would like to meet with you ...." You must believe me quiet, is the purest Schnapsidee from you. Firstly, it can be assumed that this girl anything but likes you and secondly, the fleas will probably learn more coughing, as the girl that would so consistently by about three years to wait for you and you will in the meantime quite another girl to know and probably not just one. Ergo forget it, you're not small immature boy more and hence concentrate on your high school and your future and without this girl.

Do not get your hopes, girls in the age want to try today ... And if it is 14, my God will not wait if 13 then even more, is clear why. I was also with my ex when I was 14 and he 18. If it is "precocious" folds believe me. And that we are girls known anyway always. Geb her surprise your number and let yourself what happens.

say them ... eventually they'll have to know if you're her too old or not by you ...

No, she's much too young for YOU.

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