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Hello everyone, I'm looking for your experiences. Maybe you even have the same experience with your Pelznase.

I explain briefly times from the beginning ... So my little Mokel is now 3 years old. With a year he had a tumor on the neck, not malicious. Before maximum half a year it went off. He is constantly upset and had a horrible attack. Diagnosis: heart failure. His heart is three times as large as it should be and he has water in the lungs. Treatment: drugs.

Until three days everything went super. Now the hammer ... It was all happening slowly. He has not eaten, made when walking the dog immediately limp and fell constantly powerless together. At the vet it was again tablets and injections. problems have been identified in the blood greatly increased levels of inflammation and heart problem has not improved.

I unfortunately am terribly worried. He has 2 days only there. He does not move, is just tired and worn. He does not eat, but drinks very good. He has palpitations still. Everywhere I see his pulse going. He has a bloated stomach, stomach ache probably because wearing is very unpleasant, but necessary for him, since he no longer goes alone. He also has white membrane and its tongue hanging out since yesterday. The drool runs abnormally on one side. he can no longer hold pee That too. As if he does not notice it.

Tomorrow it's back to study for Doc. I just sit with anxiety at home and do not know what I can do for him. It breaks my heart to see him really so and perhaps you have to experience!

The best answer

Hello looory,

that sounds bad, all the more because there is still such a young dog. Fortunately, I have no experience with something, you kanns but really empathize. What has the TA said, how should it go further? What medication gets your Mokel now?

As hard as it is, but if no improvement is seen out by the drugs and the TA, you have to think you, whether it is still worth living for him ...

I wish you much strength and hope that someone else has a great advice and / or everything changes for the better.

lg Christina

I do not think so. that anyone here can make an informed judgment about the poor health of your dog ...

Hopefully your dog is treated by a veterinarian to whom you trust who can.

All the best for the dog

So it's creepy. One should always ask:

Does my dog ​​with the treatment again Lerbensqualität or is that what I do just for me ????

This is not mean any harm, but if at the end of any quality of life comes out at him then help with the TA the last off painlessly and without much suffering to go. Not beautiful, but I see the sio

Bring the dog immediately to the vet, it's urgent!

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