YouTube videos do with 16

Tach I am today 16 become. Do you think that this is to make YouTube a good age? I will now not be mega known but make the videos of humor.

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So I've already made with 5 years vlogs! ;)

Actually completely irrelevant how old you bist.Es is unfavorable videos with a high voice to machen.Also in the sense: Yes is a good age :)

16 is a good prop age to start from YouTube. It also comes make you depends on what for videos want

Your age does not matter your voice should not sound like a little kid holding

If you want to make videos for fun, then you would have the can do with 14th Is not a good age for videos, whether the you want to make videos about your life experiences, then 16 would also not enough: D

Mach of rather not Wait n Year My Cousin hats also tried and was gedisliket grounds of age (17). YouTube is apparently only open to adults

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