Youtube videos, parents, friends?

Hey dear community, I would like to turn yt videos and post them on web.

I'm 'only' 14've but certainly had to consider what are for content online and what does not, and what there is for 'danger': D

I want to have that approved by my parents ... (I do not want to persuade but convince;) My mum will not be impressed, but listen to me and if I her the videos show it possibly allow .. My dad is with something but super strict .. He then hears often not even to this I want to tell him that I'll do my thoughts about it and have dealt myself with and stelle not reckless iwelche of my things into the net .. -> How can I clearly do make it clear to him the best?

-> Iwie it's embarrassing when friends / class / ... Video of me see .. How can I deal / it is normal in the beginning to have a little jitters like other respond to that?

I look forward to answers LG sesela85

The best answer

So tell your father when you deserve good videos you doing dadurxj späzer villeicht money :) that has helped me and you must greunden before that be embarrassing not least you have courage to ask what the inzernet

Since I had a little fear)

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