Yukon Men - which dog breed are the Huskies?

Question is above. Pictures are below.

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Alaskan Huskies - has nothing to do with the Siberian Huskies. Different breeds - for races possible petite, fast and tough (Greyhounds, hunting dogs and other hybrids) - for heavy carrying and drawing work Strong and massive - are mixed. And sometimes there is also purposely Wolf in it (allowing the females in heat, which may come into question, run with intention and cover by wolves). Disadvantage: the puppies with too much "Wild proportion", which are not tame as well, be "removed from the union ...". Since there are real winners Breed Mongrel lines - and the dog are quite valuable. But has nothing to do with pedigree dogs and dog breeding emulate (Purebred dog sled races, there are also more only in Europe).


Hounds. bred European Huskies from different races on performance.

I've been wondering that myself ... In any case, do my doggies really sorry. As much time as the spending on the chain and see the thin also.

looks sorely out by husky

Definitely a Husky inside

Scandinavian Hounds

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