Zukunftsängste - justified or rather not? (School education, occupation)

Hi, I desperately need advice and came across this page. I briefly explain the situation. When I was in 11th grade of a technical school, I realized that this was nothing more for me. However, I finished the 11th grade. Then in the summer holidays in 2014 was very clear to me, I want the 12th grade visit not easy. Thus, I did not do that and instead looked after by a part-time job and internship I midweek could still operate / can. In addition, I will travel in May for two months abroad and volunteering there. Now, I have always this feeling that my future employer, or if I want to attend another school, will find this demolition is not so great. I will not say that I regret the demolition, I want to do anything that makes me unhappy. But ye believe my fear is justified? Should I prefer something else to do to improve the situation? What are the future employers?

I thank you in advance in advance. I would be also happy to answer forward by people who themselves were ever in such a situation.

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You should have rather an apprenticeship or simply are looking for a part time job, as well as long run through until you then what proof do what you really want to make. Or a fsj. A year in the life where you do not have to so much nothing, of course, is not so good. But probably no reason you sort out directly.

I think schools and employers have for something understanding, especially if you keep active (Internship / abroad) carest about your future and not simply nothing doing.

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