• my dog ​​just trembles every night! 2019-08-23

    Hello So I'm just tired again because my dog ​​(york here Terrier) just trembles every night I'm already aggression so .... (No I'm not suggesting that I could not bring myself) so please help me, I despair ... LG --answer-- Your dog simply shaking t

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  • suitable, durable dog equipment! 2019-08-23

    hey people, someone has particularly good experience with a specific product (leash and collar) which he can recommend because of good quality? the oversupply in the store or in the i-net prevents my decisiveness! had until now of karlie a very nice

    Tags: Dog collar leash Collar + Leash
  • Dog slips on the floor with Po, according Hundefriseur visit 2019-08-23

    Hi, were on Tuesday at the groomers and I let my dog ​​the first time the archipelago, since there he slips on the po and finds no rest. Goods today at the vet, everything has abgecheckt and found to be good, given him schmärzmitel, but my poor still

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  • Can I call my dog ​​"Mulle Katz"? 2019-08-23

    My dog ​​I sometimes call named "Mulle Katz" and it goes by the name. Can I call my dog ​​as though there is not a cat? --answer-- the problem is that it could result in your dog eventually to Idenditätskrise and he might feel threatened by othe

    Tags: Name Dog cat Cat name mulle
  • My girlfriend her dog peeing constantly drine what to do? 2019-08-23

    Hey! My girlfriend got her dog from her uncle. Actually, the dog was housebroken only now he pees constantly drine. The dog is still a puppy, I do not know what month. She has a huge trouble. Although it goes every 2 hour even out at night but he jus

    Tags: Education Dog
  • my dog ​​lady pampered beautiful 2019-08-23

    Yes so I want my dog ​​lady times really spoil them now is already 10 and will be in July 11 she loves me upright to put on and put her head against my heart (always the side that others do not magt whatever reason) and loves to be cuddled then .. bu

    Tags: spoiled dog lady
  • Is my Emma a list dog 2019-08-23

    Please correct answer --answer-- It is either an American Bull, Staff or Pit or a mix of one or more of the races. In many states include all three race to the list dogs, in some even the last two. If from state to state vary. Go on the link below -

    Tags: Dog attack dog
  • he looks like a fighting dog 2019-08-23

    Is it an attack dog --answer-- The point is not whether the particular dog as a fighting dog (better: List dog) looks, but whether it is a hybrid of these breeds. He is also considered list dog. In case of doubt, it is determined by an expert. It's s

    Tags: Dog attack dog
  • How dissuade friend of Dog 2019-08-23

    Heyho My girlfriend always wanted to have a dog, a few years ago she finished with her parents a bet. If she manages to save 500 € (which she does not get out of them) one of not more than 50 cm is get them a dog, abet. She has now managed to definit

    Tags: Dog friend discernment overwhelmed ... explain explain + girlfriend
  • anime movie with dog wanted! 2019-08-22

    So I saw a long time ago nen anime movie ... It was about a group of children in the forest NEN injured dog (the dog was Potschi or so), the children used it and it turned out that the dog was a kind Alien ... more I know no longer exactly ... they f

    Tags: Film Anime
  • My dog ​​licking examined on 2019-08-22

    Hi, I've found now that my dog ​​has licked up half the nose .... what could it be and what can you do? Breed: Bichon Size Male 8 Years Old Please help me I'm worried about him .... LG Jessi --answer-- Probably it itched. If my dog ​​something hurts

    Tags: Dog worm
  • Rare dog names (female) 2019-08-22

    Hello, I'm looking for my dog, which comes next week, a super rare and short names. She is a Misichling and is great around 60 cm and is black. I'll decide at short notice as I call them, but I want to prepare a list in advance. LG CeLu08 --answer--

    Tags: Name Dog rare rare names +
  • Cocker Spaniel - Dog - question :) :) 2019-08-22

    Hey everyone :) we have a 9 months old cocker spaniel bitch. Now we would like to have a new car and ask us how long and how much it will be in about once ..: D at the moment it is still relatively small .. maybe Jmd an English Cocker Spaniel and cou

    Tags: Dog cocker spaniel cocker
  • how do I get the growling of my dog ​​out 2019-08-22

    Hello, I have a question I'm really at a loss: / my dog ​​growls when ausversehn him stand on the tail. With me but he does not do that with my parents and my siblings' s. It is really a very sweet dog and doing a fly causing suffering but once my Mu

    Tags: Pets Dog
  • Was 4 hours with my dog ​​outside that's good or bad? 2019-08-22

    Hey! I'm now a forest hike done with my dog ​​we were 4 hours on the road. Is this good for my dog ​​or rather bad? We have of course made breaks where they got something to drink and some treats. I played even play stöckchen. I wonder whether the de

    Tags: Education Dog
  • When may I long walk the dog? 2019-08-22

    My Hundii is now 3 months old.

    Tags: Dog berner sennen
  • Help My dog ​​is not just nice to other dogs 2019-08-22

    Heii, I have a dog that is 9 years old and he's a little aggressive / snappy towards other dogs. Frühr where he was small he was attacked by two large dogs and may now no other dogs more (big or small). Me and my girlfriend would like together gassi

    Tags: Dog walkies
  • From when I must walk with our dog? 2019-08-22

    Hello,: D I'm 13 years old and a girl. We have a Doberman dog, very loving, well educated etc. And I wanted to ask (because my mother says that until 14 I can go alone with her because if something happens paid no insurance) if that is true. Weis som

    Tags: Dog
  • Friendship with an elderly 2019-08-22

    Hey I'm 14 and I wish nothing more than a big brother to me. Since that is not natural, I wanted to ask you time if you vllt a few tips you how to build a good friendship with an older (ca20). I go regularly on football and the players are there for

    Tags: friendship footballer togetherness Big brother friendly relationship
  • How do the Listerine on mini bottles? 2019-08-21

    I try since determined half an hour aufzubekommen this stupid bottle, but it does not work! I have the internet only get Anwrisungen how to open the big bottles, but to little I found nothing .. Can someone help me? --answer-- either on top press whe

    Tags: Lock open mouthwash Listerine



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