• Is it possible with Mobizen take if there is ... 2017-07-22

    This device is not, I know what supportet but it does mean you can go around that and who's like. --answer-- That is to say that is not supported your device. You just Mobizen on pc install and connect your phone to the PC open Mobizen and then you c

    Tags: Mobizen
  • My fax protocol is adjusted when Canon MX 395th How do I set the date again? 2017-07-22

    The Canon 395 MX has a fax. The protocol is to 07:01. adjusted. How do I make the current date and time correctly --answer-- Since there is on the Canon website a user manual. Lad you these down times. When downloading then including a PDF called "MX

    Tags: Occupation fax
  • Straightening hair without straightener (HOW?) 2017-07-22

    Is there another method to get hair smooth, but without a hair straightener? But please advice that does not destroy the hair Thanks for your help =) --answer-- use heat protection, or after washing your hair with the hair dryer blow smooth :-) other

    Tags: hair straighteners curls smooth curls straighteners +
  • Leeernen .. 2017-07-22

    I have important after the Christmas holidays 2 schoolwork in Chemistry & Physics. There are only 2 days therebetween. I'm afraid that I can not do it .. does anyone have tips for me ?? :) --answer-- Hei, so therefore I am finished with the school la

    Tags: School learning
  • Brick Force downloading once ... not charging 2017-07-22

    when I press the launcher on start, opens the game in full screen and then there is loading once more .... not happen: / jmd a solution? :)

    Tags: brick force
  • Am I not even important to me? 2017-07-22

    Honestly, I know how bad the bulimia, often read enough of the side effects and feel this even in his own body. I want to somehow stop and in my head I know that even so much! But I lack that spark, sometimes I have to add my pain, my body does not s

    Tags: Bulimia Eating disorder self worth
  • Paw Care in the dog, what can you recommend me? 2017-07-22

    The cold season is here, and now paw care is again increasingly popular. I had my dog ​​so far always creamed their paws with Vaseline. The first problem was that they did abgechleckt this immediately. What has always led to stomach problems and vet

    Tags: Care Dog
  • Dog ears inflammation warming? 2017-07-22

    War on Tuesday at the vet and has determined that my dog ​​an ear inflammation (due torquey, but is already behobe) now I need you every day drop ears and on the other hand it refuses to very. Have you because what tips for? But now to the actual que

    Tags: Dog ears inflammation
  • What kind of a dog kind? Or Chihuahua Mix? (See pictures) 2017-07-22

    What kind of a dog kind? Or Chihuahua Mix? (See pictures) --answer-- This is a sweet shorthair Chihuahua! This is clearly a purebred short hair chihuahua. A little guy with a Lionheart. Happy and Merry Christmas That's not a dog, that's a Tretmiene.

    Tags: Animals Dog Breed Dog breed chihuahua
  • G700s ausrad problem (resistance) 2017-07-21

    Hey, I've been doing some weeks my mouse (G700s) However, the mouse wheel blasphemous (in the step function) machchmal bit heavier rotate /: this is zihmich bad for gamers ..... Also it appears that the mechanism of the einzele click when turning the

    Tags: again stood G700s
  • install CMW on Samsung Galaxy S II + Instructions (Sry ask already the 2nd time here) 2017-07-21

    Hello, I have a gerootetes Samsung Galaxy S2 (GT-i9100) and would on this one new Android version (4.4) flashing on it as no more updates are coming for it. I have been fairly well explored but can not find a simple foolproof instructions as the flas

    Tags: Android Root Flash Samsung Galaxy S2 Samsung Galaxy S2 + Root
  • How much food should get daily my dog? 2017-07-21

    He is 7kg hard and about 1 1/2 years old. The food that he gets, has very good quality, because we always buy it fresh from the market and freeze. Therefore are also no precise information on the amount of feed per kg. We give him always a 200-250 ti

    Tags: Animals Dog Dog training dog food dog + dog food
  • Dog Food for all 2017-07-21

    So I'm looking for a dog food, which actually every dog ​​likes. I thought knows that every dog ​​needs individual feed, but maybe one of you know whether there is a variety that eats every dog ​​in principle. thank you lg --answer-- What a nice idea

    Tags: Animals food Dog dog food fodder and dog
  • Why shakes my dog ​​to smell after. 2017-07-21

    Short and concise question :) If my dog ​​sniffs intensively for something and then stops it shakes through. Locate the property is not negative would merely halt like to know why this is so, the WWW I nothing about it directly found out so far. mfg.

    Tags: Dog dog behavior
  • Which dog breed is that?!?!?!?! hsgsjs 2017-07-21

    I've been thinking for a long time to me to adopt a dog. Have those found here by chance and would like to know what breed he has, whether it is expensive, if he is as dangerous as it looks and such a thing. Best as much information as possible. --an

    Tags: Dog breed
  • How is aggressieves dog behavior explained to young children? 2017-07-21

    What is meant is not the direct contact, which can be envisaged by Fehlverhalten.ABER seen in TV as yesterday ... a little boy on a tricycle, (naturally unattended), a dog sees him and rushes targeted him seriously injured him. Why does a dog soetwas

    Tags: Animals children behavior children + behavior
  • Dog buy despite little time? borrow dog? 2017-07-20

    Hello :) So .. I (14) and my mum live alone. And we would like to buy a dog. A small Pug. about 100m from our house (apartment) is a field, we have a garden, a large apartment, ... the only trouble is the time While she works I have in the school. ev

    Tags: Problems Dog Time Mops problems + time
  • Dog does not move in the apartment 2017-07-20

    We got a seven-month-old toy poodle on Friday. Actually, it works quite well he drinks and runs gassi and there everything is great. Once we go to the apartment it is made. I carry them up the stairs put them off and from then on it moves no more met

    Tags: Animals Dog
  • Need help my parents give my dog ​​away 2017-07-20

    My parents want our puppies to give away because I have morning today overslept What should I do I gebtellt and everything Please tell me what to do --answer-- slept only for once I think it simply for absolutely exaggerated, there was certainly more

    Tags: parents Dog
  • my dog ​​has red spots on the legs 2017-07-20

    He licks all the time off you know what could be the --answer-- So I was vet in and got kortisonsabe and were taken for laboratory analysis but hane not yet available results now rehearsing my problem is that he has since he gets the ointment always

    Tags: Animals Dog



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