• Does chocolate dog blind? 2019-03-21

    Hello, the girlfriend of my father thought that dogs of chocolate would be blind. Is that correct? And if so, why? --answer-- No, chocolate makes dogs possibly dead. Then they look but also nothing more. Dogs respond to the theobromine in chocolate w

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  • dog sign away 2019-03-21

    Hello my vermitter has warnschild made before our shield from easy it is allowed to --answer-- If you so signs aufhängst as you write, disrespectful, ignorant and without thinking, he should already for educational reasons. Legally you would be prohi

    Tags: Dog Tenancy
  • Dog- testicles wundgeleckt and entzündet- what to do? 2019-03-21

    Hi, so next: My dog ​​we already treat a hot spot to the testicles with drops. Now the site has ignited greenish. Can we do something? Vlt. with chamomile tea or something? Thanks LG --answer-- Go to the vet would be the best for the dog the vet chec

    Tags: Animals Dog Disease dog + disease inflammatory
  • Dog barks only when someone is home - he guarded? 2019-03-21

    love all Actually, I am satisfied with my little 2nd hand. Since there is only one character that I would like to have answered by dog ​​professionals. So my little one is quite well behaved and barks NOT when someone rings the doorbell, children cry

    Tags: Animals Pets Dog pets + dog
  • Name for me (Youtube) 2019-03-21

    So Hiii my Channel hies previously DYNAMICGG from few reasons annoys me the name but mitlerweile, so I call the Channel into Just InZane (is this to be a Let's Play Channel in combination with Anime / Manga Reviews). The Anime Manga area is FaceFault

    Tags: Games Youtube Anime Manga lets-play Otaku Youtube anime
  • Lumbar Facet obliteration 2019-03-21

    Who has experience with lumbar facet obliteration --answer-- This is done by means of radio frequency and is successful in many cases and results in the relief of back pain !! Discuss with your doctor and you try it out !!

    Tags: Health spine lumbar spine sclerotherapy
  • Penalty for a person in need community 2019-03-21

    And although I have the internet read it at a 2 penalty in a year u25 the rental share of the person falls away but we would have to pay for itself? Because the Internet is also the other members-BG should not suffer under it and to an increased acco

    Tags: Rent sanctions
  • Extremely acids is how far it really? 2019-03-21

    Hello, had in ner television series seen times like a girl throws a toy of NEM boy in a vessel with acid and the toy is etched away. Have experience with sulfuric acid taken as a towel can be eaten. But there really acids as extreme as in this series

    Tags: Chemistry acid Science acid + Science
  • Which cell phone should I buy? Concrete idea I 2019-03-21

    Hello, I've thought of questioning the talk. I want to buy myself a new smartphone. Do not soo special to be so no € 500 Part aka S5 or so. have currently an iphone 5 which I will soon sell (because of nerve damage on my part) ^^. Apple got so sick.

    Tags: Smartphone Mobile Phone Consultancy
  • How do I market my patent? 2019-03-20

    Hello everybody, I have applied for a patent, which can replace much of the transport sector and thus less damage will come to the product. Now I fear that this patent the production company "harm", since they characterized indeed have less loss

    Tags: patent marketing
  • A2 license 0,014KW over it 2019-03-20

    Hello, I intend to make an A2 license. Now the rule applies 0,2KW / kilo. Now is the limit exactly at 0,200000 KW? I have before me a KTM LC4 400 ER to buy. The bike has 30 KW weight has not yet been 100%. According to google it has a weight of appro

    Tags: police Motorcycle Lawyer Driver's license driver's license + Motorcycle
  • domestic violence do what 2019-03-20

    I do not at all know how to start my boyfriend yet and I have been many problems I trust him no piece because he lied to me already 100 times while i come not really from him go ... last week our quarrel is completely escalated why we really have beg

    Tags: violence
  • Marriages to stay !? gehts 2019-03-20

    I've heard that if you get married that you do not have in the Turkish military? Is it true? (Please answer honestly) --answer-- I think so but if you want to fail the screening you have to drink some beer before or n Joint smoke: D Honestly so at le

    Tags: marry Military
  • flight duration Stuttgart to Budapest? 2019-03-20

    Hi can anyone tell me how long you can fly by plane from Stuttgart to Budapest? --answer-- Hello, you can make your really not answer that question yourself? Waiting for the right answers takes more time than to look at a flight itinerary times. What

    Tags: Holiday fly
  • Second dog Chihuahua? 2019-03-20

    Hi dog lovers who of you has a second dog? Which combination would be better? I have a dog, consider him to procure a girlfriend or a buddy. With whom to dogs understand better in the area? Of course I would castrate my male or female sterilization,

    Tags: Dog Attitude chihuahua Chihuahua + entertainment
  • Amount of the penalty for dog on the beach - Croatia 2019-03-20

    What is the penalty for unauthorized presence of dogs on Croatian beaches? --answer-- Goes 60 € los upwardly flexible - to the seizure of the dog. there are enough places, where the dog is allowed to go into the water -musst you just walk a few steps

    Tags: Vacation Croatia Dog Croatia Holidays +
  • Search sandy beach in Croatia (with dog, not completely isolated) 2019-03-20

    Hi, on the Internet I have already found a map that displays game and dog beaches. Unfortunately, most of which are gritty or very far out of the way (via google maps, this is partly but not easy to predict) Does one of you have made someone Pet at a

    Tags: Holiday beach Croatia Dog beach vacation
  • When? Season 6 Pretty little liars 2019-03-20

    Does anyone know when the Season 6 comes from pll out --answer-- As far as I know, the filming in America have already begun. When it airs, but I do not know. I guess that the German strings are the earliest to appear this year in autumn. :) The 5th

    Tags: PLL 6. scale
  • Dog has eaten hamburger 2019-03-20

    We were 2 days with our dog outside and have them run free. On the way home she's straight running to this hamburger and has stuffed him into the maul. I'm her course directly run behind and as it has fortunately lost ¾ of Burgers. However, she scrat

    Tags: Dog Hamburger poisoned baits
  • Dwarf making dog noises? '_' 2019-03-20

    I have for several years called a hare of marti and sometimes makes so winzel noise like a dog or manfhmal he gives dogs loud .. icj hear much techno .. liegts vlt it? --answer-- Yes, rabbits hate Techno! Listen dear what clever;)

    Tags: Pets rabbit Dwarf Rabbit Rabbit + Zwergkaninchen



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