• dangerous dogs, dog ban list 2017-09-20

    there is in any German federal state a strict complete prohibition of combat dogs, list dogs, dangerous dogs, aggressive breeds and what else is there for designations. --answer-- No, the entire breeds on the list are 'forbidden' in no state to answe

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  • Seeking hausmittel against cat and dog fleas 2017-09-20

    I'm looking for a fast effective medium against cat and dog fleas --answer-- An effective remedy for cats? Do not let your dog get rid of them;) Seriously: but Take the stuff from the vet, which is a chemical zwa lobe helps least. Of all the other "h

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  • Dog of neighbor annoys night total (alone) 2017-09-20

    Hello community, our neighbors go on weekends sometimes away and leave from and to the dog alone the problem is it once it is in the evening no idea why is only barking at. Can we ever leave the dog alone? --answer-- First of all out to address the n

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  • Dog training, can you do that? 2017-09-20

    Hello, My family and I have gained a Shar Pei puppy. He is about 13 weeks old, exact age, we do not know because the dog is probably from Bulgaria. We have wanted to make him him only by a family. To my question, if my brother does something specific

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  • Dog barks at night without cause for two days 2017-09-20

    Hello, my Labrador has lived for six years out. Peeling it has otherwise only if foxes or hedgehogs and other animals were there. Now it is so that they since Saturday every night begins to bark without reason. Saturday was it half second and yesterd

    Tags: Animals Dog bitch bitch + dog Bay
  • Where can you take care of dogs, or get a foster dog? 2017-09-20

    Hi, I am 15, female and would like a dog. Since we live on welfare and I am due to the school so much away I can not adequately care for a dog, and I think you should meet certain requirements because, even if there is such things as Underdog. I know

    Tags: Dog animal care
  • Family Dog! More Claim? 2017-09-20

    Hello, we were thinking about, and very thoroughly, that we want to bring us a dog. Only my problem with the thing: ,, as will all go well "! I live in a house with my boyfriend and my parents. There are two different apartments with garden and large

    Tags: Dog armed family Stress Family dispute responsibility
  • Advanced Warfare PS4 XP lobbies? 2017-09-19

    Are there xp lobbies in aw for Ps4? --answer-- My colleague makes Unlock All. Why go müssts also

    Tags: PS4 Cod advanced warfare advanced warfare + Cod Xp lobbies
  • Dog is dead .. Grief 2017-09-19

    Dear Community, As you have read above is so that my dog ​​was put to sleep on 07/04/2014. I gave the whole time, I admitted that it was better, because he was so sick, but I still have night after night crying. It hurts me so, I feel as if I had lef

    Tags: Dog Funeral death dead death + mourning
  • Dog checked everything in the house! :( 2017-09-19

    Hello :) We have 2 Chihuahuas (one male, one female, siblings). You have something like a dog's room, they sleep and play in there (of course, they play in the garden in the fresh air!). You are now about 7 1/2 months old Actually, they are very obed

    Tags: Education Problems Animals Dog mark puppy chihuahua dog + Problems
  • Amk he does not write 2017-09-19

    Why can write sivh time when ?! He did not and that answers me since FR. Am I doing something wrong. Or I expect too much. --answer-- Do you even know what amk mean? Can not so bennutzen as you like Wait until morning off, then write: "What happened?

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  • Was it all a dog's Nightmare? 2017-09-19

    (Perhaps important) Info: She has where it rolls around much a large cup; In a large basket Pillowcases So almost no margin 2 days ago my almost 2-year-old dachshund bitch has sound asleep in her basket. To 19 pm, I heard a loud scream from her as if

    Tags: Nightmare dachshund
  • Dog has comic collection on the right ear on the outside 2017-09-19

    Hello! I attached a close up of the right ear of my dog ​​added. Since he has the outside on top of the ear has a red hard survey, about 1cm in diameter and is about 1cm high. Could you assess whether this could be harmless or I but should rather loo

    Tags: Dog verdaechtig uplift
  • What can I do about it if my dog ​​feels humiliated? 2017-09-19

    My friend wanted to go with him out in the moment pees and poops it completely a then he gechimpft with him and showered him. Since he would have nothing more to do with him and trembling all over the body when he sees or hears --answer-- Hello nicol

    Tags: Dog Humiliation
  • Destructive behavior by family dog 2017-09-19

    Good evening everyone. I just got the terrible news that a friend's family, 3 adults and a 7-year + 1jähriger Australia Shepherd Hündind apparently much less running as it should be. It is of fundamental here first mentioned in about the family circu

    Tags: Animals Pets Dog Shepherd pets and dog
  • How to wean the dog barking that when he is alone? 2017-09-18

    Hello unzwar I have a Chiwawa Rehpinscher mix male about 2 years. He is seh affectionate and barking permanently if he is in the car or is wedded times before lLden. Wanted him sometimes alone in the Wohung leave but there could be problems. The pred

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  • Croatia holiday including dog in September 2017-09-18

    kHallo dear community! I would like to go in September this year with my dog ​​to Croatia. The best in a holiday home. Has anyone of you tips and ideas on where it is particularly well suited for dogs holidaymakers? Has anyone had experience with cer

    Tags: Dog Croatia vacation
  • Dog big belly 2017-09-18

    Huhu, I am currently in a host family and have two dogs. Tonight, the small Molly (short hair dachshund) whined the whole time and when I then came down in the morning, was grossly inflated her belly and she yelps constantly. The one in my family her

    Tags: Animals Dog
  • My dog ​​chasing cars! 2017-09-18

    Hi, I have now for about 2 weeks a 4-month old Border Collie. When I got him, he was afraid of cars or their headlights, which held about 2 days. He then ignored the cars easy. Now since 3 days he chases cars afterwards, initially only in the dark th

    Tags: Dog leash
  • Help for my dog ​​(epilepsy) 2017-09-18

    We April last year a Labrador dog brought us. He is now 11 months old. Everything went super. Since we often were not at home, we decide to give us in the "kindergarten" to. This has now closed, were laboriously find a sample appointment at anot

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