• Parents persuade a hamster 2018-11-15

    Hello, As you Vllt have already seen above, I would like a hamster. My parents say, however, that 3 as my gerbils. I did this while getting only 5 weeks before .. But I think, with 4 animals, there is an even number. I just so looked around at the ha

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  • Mr. Miner Minecraft Sound Pack 2018-11-15

    Hello. Does anyone of you like the Sound Pack by Mr Bergmann is? If yes how ? Thanks in advance --answer-- So if you think the sounds of his life RPG episodes that is not a sound pack that were simply added. But it may also be that I'm wrong so sry i

    Tags: Minecraft Youtube Mr. Bergmann Mr. Bergmann + Minecraft
  • while the sport I get at once such a lovely feeling in the neck 2018-11-15

    Hello! I play basketball. happened during training nothing but if I have a game then eventually comes as a lovely feeling in the neck. which is always at the same place. I do not break I have no abdominal pain or so that excites or so that tickles me

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  • Music to iPhone without iTunes drag 2018-11-15

    --answer-- Quite simply, you invite you to a Pc legal music down, and then you connect your iPhone with your PC and send forth the songs on your iPhone :) If you have no Pc then I can recommend the app 'Imusic' with you also load music to your mobile

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  • When touching letterbox I always get a kick

    When touching letterbox I always get a kick 2018-11-15

    I work as a delivery person, and every time I come into contact a mailbox, I get a (electric) shock. Especially when it's warmer, it gets worse. It also does not matter what I'm wearing for clothes. What can you do about it? Does anyone have the same

    Tags: work Occupation letterhead work + letterhead
  • Sick pay / Erwebsunfähigkeitsrente 2018-11-15

    Hello, I am referring since July 2014 sickness benefit and have eien Erwebsunfähigkeitsrente requested, which has now been granted with retroactive effect since July 2014. Does this mean that I have to pay sick pay back? And how does it look with the

    Tags: Termination disability
  • I have a big problem and I worry because I have my pill forget often and dadurc 2018-11-15

    got my days earlier than they were 2-3 days days then past I had unprotected sex is stupid I know that he has not come but if the so-called "drip loss" came I do not know ... two days after that I go to the doctor and the pill got myself then I

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  • Motto week-Punk 2018-11-15

    Hello in the motto week we have a day the topic Punk. What is it MUST give a punk needs? :) --answer-- Give the word "punk" in Google and you have thousands of optical examples where you can use you. Otherwise, the meeting end has already been m

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  • how can i pokemon diamond downloadrn on nds emulator 2018-11-15

    I really want to have pokemon on the phone (samsung galaxy s3 neo) but does not know how to do the emulator I've already --answer-- You need drastic an emu in the costs play goals monetary invite it to you through the internet down but true drying !!

    Tags: Pokemon
  • Which dog breed is (on the attaching frame)? 2018-11-14

    I would like to buy me a slightly smaller dog and have searched the Internet for images. This image I find extremely sweet, so someone has a clue what breed is it? Thanks in advance. --answer-- This is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy. However,

    Tags: Dog puppy
  • Dragonball Xenoverse find Vegeta in the world as a mentor no longer (ps4) 2018-11-14

    I have made the first of Vegeta now I have taken Cell mentor. Now I have but again umentschieden now I find Vegeta but no longer can someone help me further --answer-- Must simply look again after the quests whether is there or simply stop play or pu

    Tags: Games Dragon Ball Xenoverse
  • I can not think a dog name 2018-11-14

    Hey dear, my family and I have after many years finally consideration for a dog it entschlossen.?am29.03ist extent then comes the little French bulldog, a rude, but next week is the vaccination certificate filled out and the name has already are fixe

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  • Dog runs barking at other dogs or people. What training to sluggish leash? 2018-11-14

    My dog, terrier mix, 1 year. Hear otherwise Super when it is off and no one is nearby. So he comes right at the first call and so on. Has actually afraid of strangers, especially in front of men. but be recently is the problem if it is on a leash, he

    Tags: training Dog
  • Problem with dog keeper in the neighborhood 2018-11-14

    Ask the dog owners with appropriate experience or vlt. even a legal background. The whole thing has a story that I try to represent shortly. I live in a small settlement near the forest, consisting of 12 households. Of which there are 7 households do

    Tags: Car urine Dog private grounds dog urine
  • dog probably injured his hip, vet ?! 2018-11-14

    Hello zsm features, our dog (male, 9 years old, fit and healthy in itself) has obviously hurt the other hip. My stiefdad was today noon with him outside because he probably is wildly rolled un jumping around, suddenly whined loudly. When I was with h

    Tags: Animals Pets Dog injury pets + dog
  • to detach dog? As? 2018-11-14

    Hello. I have an 8 - year old lady dog. It is quite thick and can only pull up the mountain, I'm afraid of losing it. What can I do that it decreases? You do not want to run (it must nevertheless). --answer-- A dog can only eat what is given to him,

    Tags: slimming Dog
  • bauenn robot dog itself can someone give me tips? 2018-11-14

    I want to build a robot dog itself, can someone give me some tips? --answer-- So a robot dog build myself wow this is difficult but can indeed times google there are sometimes useful instructions! ;) I would like to know myself

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  • Why is my dog ​​like that? - 2018-11-14

    Hey, I do not know if this is normal but whenever my dog ​​he is encountered with this a dog really hyperactive and the other dog yelps ever to come to my and my captures in recent times however so on I do not know if this is normal like the too much

    Tags: Love Animals Dog behavior dog + Animals puppies
  • dog leave .. But involuntarily 2018-11-14

    Hi Guys. And although I am again drew back in my hometown half a year in NRW usual again in Hessen. My dog ​​was in the care of my Mutter..Sie has just issued I was pretty shocked because it was my and they should take care of him and she said yes an

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  • Dog is afraid Help 2018-11-13

    Hey My dog ​​is four years old, which is a yorkshire terrier & she afraid of other dogs. If a dog is because it sniffs briefly and then hides behind me. Every day I go 4 times with her and each time she responded that way. We have been 3 days the dog

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