• make DFacebook Xfire auföffenzlich 2019-07-19

    Hello I wanted to ask how you can put on facebook profile picture to the public. If I want eknstellen that comes only "friends, friends of friends, family, ..." But there is no "public" button. --answer-- Why do you want to have public

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  • Dog makes when sleeping funny noises 2019-07-19

    Why does he do that, previously, I found the sweet but now ... The barks sometimes in sleep, almost every 3rd day so that he makes so strange noises --answer-- Exactly, he dreams and processes the things that are happening on the day. This is normal;

    Tags: Dog sleeping
  • Dog has flatulence and diarrhea 2019-07-19

    Vielleich has anyone any advice. My bitch (Jack Russel Terrier, 4 years old) has been 2 days and diarrhea since this terrible bloating. Four days ago we were with her at the vet because it with my parents (were just visiting) has found walnut kernel

    Tags: Animals food Dog Veterinarian dog + Vet
  • Crack in the front bale of my dog 2019-07-19

    Hello, I wanted to ask for advice, because my dog. He has 3 cracks in front bales for quite some time. 2 small and one larger. The small ones are overgrown, the greater also, but he tears open again. We were already talking about the TA because we Ke

    Tags: Animals Dog
  • my dog ​​barks at night 2019-07-19

    Hello, My Dog (Hunting Dog and Biegel hybrid) 9 months old barks constantly at night the garage gate and barn at. Since the birds have laid eggs and she barks at the. I can not take them into the house because familiärische reason it has the whole pl

    Tags: Dog barking
  • Dog ate amino acids 2019-07-18

    Hello my dog ​​does when I was not there my amino acids eaten tablets that is bad please reply quickly! --answer-- Hmm'd worry. That's not harmful for horses ... there is food with amino acids to build muscle. Instead here waiting for answers, you'd

    Tags: Dog acid Supplements amino
  • Grown dog not pet friendly 2019-07-18

    Hello community! Today I have the shelter again an adult dogs (St. Bernard, female) hit the dog not tolerated. However, he is (Dog Berner Sennen, female) only with a dog with which it was issued and also grew compatible. You would often not even walk

    Tags: Dog
  • can I give my dog ​​perentherol? 2019-07-18

    my little bitch honey has diarrhea (which is ask me slightly uncomfortable) it was yesterday as yellow as an egg yolk and now dark brown and both times very slimy what can I do ?? we are in vienna and have no vet (are on vacation) you know a district

    Tags: Dog drugs Disease diarrhea dog + drugs
  • tumor discovered at dog paw 2019-07-18

    hi people, have held during dry after gassi, a lump detected on the right front paw of my dog ​​(dsh-mix, w., 4 years). it sits just below the hand clench, is slightly larger than a cherry-stone, solid, immovable, not flushed and pain-free. if one is

    Tags: Dog Veterinarian Tumor vet + tumor
  • My little dog has unfortunately diarrhea what can I do? 2019-07-18

    said hello as in the headline has my little bitch honey diarrhea (which is ask me slightly uncomfortable) it was yesterday as yellow as an egg yolk and now dark brown and both times very slimy what can I do ??? --answer-- Maybe he ate what he does no

    Tags: Disease dog diarrhea diarrhea + dog
  • Which well-known German Instagrammer also have a dog? Instagram 2019-07-18

    Hi I am a big dog fan and I've just created an Instagram account. Are there any known German Instagrammer who also have a dog and post from time to time pictures with him? Then I can also follow them;) Thank you for your help Thomas --answer-- The Yo

    Tags: Dog instagram follower follower + instagram
  • Which dog suits MIR2 2019-07-18

    Hey, I have in front of me to buy a dog, I'm not so not 30 min 2 7 hours per day at home in one piece 3 times h --answer-- As hard as it sounds, under these conditions: no dog! Dogs are pack animals, and even if you are visiting him at noon he will s

    Tags: Animals Pets Dog pets + dog
  • Water accumulation in the chest area - Dog 2019-07-18

    Hello, I have a 4 year young Doberman dogs. We have found about 2 weeks ago that our fun-loving, active and playful dog not even more power has to catch a ball. So we went to the veterinarian. After an X-ray check came the news. Water accumulation in

    Tags: cancer Dog Disease Tumor water retention dog + cancer
  • Dog-cat or budgie? 2019-07-18

    I say in advance YES I know what ichmich here was letting blah, I can not decide between a dog, a cat or a budgie me only ._. could you please tell the better animal your opinion? And possibly pros and cons? THANKS <3 --answer-- So those are three ti

    Tags: Animals Pets Dog cat decision dog + cat
  • Dog breeding - kennel name 2019-07-17

    We're sitting here already are weeks and decide what name to have our Newfoundland dog breed or credit is. Our name, city and street is inappropriate for NEN kennel name (the use indeed more for it). But we are just so uncreativ and easily find anyth

    Tags: Dog Newfoundland
  • to understand a spayed female dog with a male? 2019-07-17

    --answer-- Hi, basically to dogs tolerated regardless of gender, as long as they have socialized wurden- say know the behavior of other dogs. then talk it were doglike. Nevertheless, there are always times dogs can not smell, as it is the humans. Som

    Tags: Dog Sex neutering
  • 20m Flexi leash for 15 kilos of dog? 2019-07-17

    Hello, does anyone know if there is a Flexi leash for dogs 15 kilos which is 15 or 20 feet long? If yes, where? LG :) --answer-- Typically, the available maximum length is 8 meters. With a length of 20 meters, the impact would be with the dog can run

    Tags: Dog leash
  • Can my dog ​​with 6 years yet for the first time deliver puppies? 2019-07-17

    In our family, a 6 year old French Bulldog is a member. Now we are worried that they might had a tryst with her French Bulldog friend! --answer-- Hi aufjeden case times to the vet and let quickly check whether it has been covered, the ultrasound you

    Tags: Animals Dog
  • Dog names? I shall not fall a 2019-07-17

    Hello, I get next week a dog and I garkeine idea what to give him for a name ...... you have any suggestions? (Whether it is a boy or a girl I do not know) --answer-- Kenzo, Chilli, rascals, Kiko, Roxxa, Sounds very untrustworthy, how old is the dog

    Tags: dog dog names
  • sold Because bereavement dog 2019-07-17

    Have müssen.Habe Add my dog ​​for long-term care into the contract: If do not like the dog is returned to previous owners. Despite verbal agreement I after 7 days will come to pick up again for chipping and vaccinating my dog ​​and also to see if and

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