• Bandwidth too slow ?! 2019-08-21

    Hello everybody, have a big problem may also be interested in one or the other that maybe. My Internet is too slow. My provider / provider is Vodafone and I understand that the operators a ,, Up-to '' - safeguard clause. Defied: I have a 16.000k line

    Tags: Internet Help slowly bandwidth providers Help + Provider
  • arma 2 Connection Problem 2019-08-21

    When I try to connect with NEM server this message appears: You can not play / edit this mission, being on downloaded content .. Does anyone know how to fix this error mfg --answer-- You have to update "beta" install - that's on Steam ... and of

    Tags: Server Problems DayZ arma-2 DayZ + Server
  • uninstall CM Security 2019-08-21

    I CM Security on my phone, it but can not remove it. Would be nice if you could tell me how. thank you --answer-- If you do not get "clean" uninstall it helps without root privilages servant probably only a reset to factory settings. Then, howev

    Tags: Mobile Apps
  • Hello :) I have bought iphone köpfkörer on Tuesday new 6 and is today only the right music 2019-08-21

    Iphone köpfhorer --answer-- can give you as far as I know not fix - I had already you need to return / Have generally done in the past experience that the Apple Earphones unfortunately no good. Now I use long InEars Sennheiser and am fully satisfied!

    Tags: Music headphones iPhone iPhone headphones +
  • Dress beautify Help 2019-08-20

    Hey ^^ I have a really great dress, which I think is still something to "empty". I want it so much aufpeppeln something else, but I just think of anything except rhinestones ... Did you perhaps good ideas? It must not be too complicated only ^^

    Tags: decoration do it yourself fancy dress

    I want for my iPhone 5s a hotspot setting have so that I can turn on my other Internet. The problem is that when "personal data Switch" is that I need to configure my personal hotspot? What does this mean and what should I do? --answer-- Setting

    Tags: IPhone 5s
  • Why is Turkey Turkey? 2019-08-20

    What are the Europeans then have guessed, to name the Ottomans Turks? That would really interest me very :) --answer-- The Ottoman Empire encompassed yes then a much larger area and I think that today's Turkey emerged from the former Turkmenistan. On

    Tags: Turkey Europe word origin the Ottomans
  • Why can not I download any more songs more in I Music? 2019-08-20

    Does anyone know the app? Who can help me there, actually an arrow was there ready to download in the corner but now are your 3 points, which means that they have already downloaded, although I have not been with downloadable songs. ( see image) --an

    Tags: iPhone i music
  • How can you earn Nintendo Stars? 2019-08-20

    Thanks in advance & lg! <3 --answer-- Not more. Earlier that went through the games accompanying star map (something with scratch off) and very early you also get more for daily login which. However, Nintendo is planning a new bonus system. Wait Ju

    Tags: Games Star Nintendo Games + Nintendo
  • ideas for an extraordinary birthday party 2019-08-20

    I soon my 14th birthday and wanted to do something with my girls but I pool or cinema find a bit boring and I prefer to do something extraordinary, I've been thinking such loopybälle to rent and I wanted to ask you if you have knowledge about you out

    Tags: To celebrate birthday
  • Can I pay by the SparkassenCard at Amazon.de? 2019-08-20

    Hello community, I wonder if you can pay at Amazon.de with SparkassenCard or S-Club. This is a normal Maestro only stop for children under 15 years. Is that so or Net? --answer-- With a card you can pay by credit card at most on Amazon. If the intend

    Tags: Amazon SparkassenCard
  • Can my dog ​​go train now? 2019-08-20

    My dog ​​is limping 2 or 3 days ago, but today we (I and my sister) to my dad and I would love to take him. He no longer limps auh and is top fit. I just wanted to ask what you think so, because I'm not sure. Would be nice if you help me. Sarah --ans

    Tags: Dog
  • Which language is easiest to catch up? Help! 2019-08-20

    Hey :) I would like to change school (complicated story;)) and then but have to make up three years language. I have the choice of Latin, Spanish and French. Inasmuch as quite a lot of material to learn in three years, etc., of course I want to learn

    Tags: School french Spanish Latin french + Latin
  • What do you think of High Waist Bikinis? 2019-08-19

    So apart that it is stupid because tanning ... --answer-- Each as he likes. Can definitely look better than the scarce my personal taste, it is not now. because I wear a swimsuit prefer. But there are worse "crime" vorzugaukeln eg fat people, th

    Tags: beach sea sea + beach Summer bikini
  • Questions about Kingdom Hearts General

    Questions about Kingdom Hearts General 2019-08-19

    What is the order of the story of Kingdom Hearts? Can someone briefly explain what exactly happened in KH Birth by Sleep to me? Is there a continuation of KH Birth by Sleep? There are even now as a new game of it ... somehow ... Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Re

    Tags: Games Kingdom Hearts
  • Horse paint, what color? 2019-08-19

    The question may sound like stupid, but with what you can paint his horse ... I am already informed with what you could paint his horse soo and I found out with finger paint, chalk etc ... but now I was of finger paint totally discouraged ..: - / Wha

    Tags: Horses paint paint color
  • How many liters are about in this special waterworks? 2019-08-19

    I want to know how many liters of fat that is about. --answer-- If tap just under 2 liters ca 1 liter There are exactly twice the half.

    Tags: fat number liters
  • Dj, mixing, transition between two songs. 2019-08-19

    Hello, I'm sitting in front of my Dj controller and make straight a Trap Mix. Now I have two songs and just dunno at which point I should reinsetzen the transition to the next song, and exactly when to start the next song. Have tried the 3.5 BPM runt

    Tags: Music Club club DJ +
  • Adventurousness? or puberty? 2019-08-19

    Hey I'm a 15 year old girl and my life is so BORING !! I hate to make every day always the same, and to see the same people. I am hiding all the time behind my books or watch episodes and movies, because at least something exciting experience. Physio

    Tags: Puberty adventure teenagers Adventure + Teenagers
  • db (A) limit motorcycle 1994 2019-08-19

    Hello can anyone tell me what limit for stationary and driving noise of motorcycles in 1994 was? My motorcycle is EZ 08.03.1994 and the limits of that time would be interesting source is acknowledged. Thank you very much. --answer-- Hello, maybe this

    Tags: Motorcycle listening level TüV decibel limit listening level + TüV



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