• Do you know 1 room apartment in Dusseldorf to 300 € Warm rent / Student Apartment 2019-03-22

    Hi I'm looking for a room apartment in Dusseldorf so that there is only one price is 300 euros so I once heard there are 1-room apartments as student apartment that you pay each month, 300 euros or 400 euros, and the water, the current heating so lon

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  • I'm bad at sports? Is it because I'm fat? 2019-03-22

    Question is oben.Ich am 168 tall and weighing 63.3 Female --answer-- Hello: Again: Your weight is still fed in the normal weight. Clothes rails like models are suitable for hanging clothes and for the catwalk but just not particularly attractive. Men

    Tags: Support Sport Weight Sport + Weight
  • Eclipse front camera?!?! 2019-03-22

    Morning eclipse etc. Question: I've read that I should put me with my back to the sun and the front camera of the mobile phone, this is observed by the. Is that really ?? --answer-- Yes you can, but the image is then very small. Purchase you prefer a

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  • Dog with muscle wasting and poor liver function needs help 2019-03-22

    Hi folks, Our dog Tico is in bad shape for about 6 weeks and we do not know what's wrong! Background: Tico is a Border Collie mixed breed from Portugal and since more than 3 years with us. Estimated age 4 - 5 years. Lt. our TA had a distemper infecti

    Tags: Dog veterinary medicine muscle breakdown liver values muscle of mastication
  • good dog names 2019-03-22

    knows her good dog names? Female and male I've a young (paco) likely haha ​​:)) So for hunderasse Stefford so it gets written hoffetlich :) --answer-- Hello, google it out Icelandic horses names. Yes, they are indeed for horses but that is with most

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  • unlearn dog to jump ... 02827 2019-03-22

    Hello. Whenever I go to my girlfriend jumps me the small dog always on and climb my leg up and scratched with his claw me totally the leg on. how can I break him of that? I stump him then always slightly off and he then comes back. ..thank you --answ

    Tags: Dog Pouncing
  • I want my dog ​​"paw" in bringing 2019-03-22

    Search help how to do it thanks in advance --answer-- I always said command paw and then just always took the paw and then later just hold out only the hand and the dog gives the paw Must begin to train, is not a problem Google Just have :) eg: http:

    Tags: Animals Pets Dog pets + dog
  • Which dog breed is better boxer or Labrador? 2019-03-22

    I would want to buy me a dog and did not know what breed is very friendly. Fallow urgent help :( --answer-- I would rather recommend a Labrador. Versatile, with good education also friendly to other dogs, very sociable, playful and inquisitive. Boxer

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  • eaten dog poison? Cover the tablets tube 2019-03-22

    Hello my dears, my 4 months old puppy the ACC has tablets tube snapped (I was not paying attention :() and dismantled the plug. In it were many many small white beads. I gave him salt water and he's happier white passed. Since I wanted to not risk po

    Tags: Dog poisoning filler
  • Dog nibbling on himself 2019-03-22

    Hello! I have a dog, it is little more than 1 1/2 years old. I've often noticed that they are very strong claws to the paws and legs (by mouth). It's a lot out there, so it has a lot of exercise and is treated carefully by us. Last I saw that she has

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  • Can I take my dog ​​Tandem?

    Can I take my dog ​​Tandem? 2019-03-22

    Why did my dog ​​(Doberman) trained that he can be a bit cycling. Can I ride with him on a tandem through the city? --answer-- On a Long John cargo bike is the: Who should the ban. You have to make sure DDASS it does not violate any traffic rules onl

    Tags: bike Dog
  • Where can I Easy and simple dental gold rid of them? 2019-03-21

    Hello, my grandma were before winey days dragged several teeth where even crowns turn. Your dentist has advised her to sell now I wanted to ask where you can do that, where it just works simply and easily ?? According to the Internet is no more lette

    Tags: teeth gold +
  • Does chocolate dog blind? 2019-03-21

    Hello, the girlfriend of my father thought that dogs of chocolate would be blind. Is that correct? And if so, why? --answer-- No, chocolate makes dogs possibly dead. Then they look but also nothing more. Dogs respond to the theobromine in chocolate w

    Tags: Dog chocolate blind blind + chocolate
  • dog sign away 2019-03-21

    Hello my vermitter has warnschild made before our shield from easy it is allowed to --answer-- If you so signs aufhängst as you write, disrespectful, ignorant and without thinking, he should already for educational reasons. Legally you would be prohi

    Tags: Dog Tenancy
  • Dog- testicles wundgeleckt and entzündet- what to do? 2019-03-21

    Hi, so next: My dog ​​we already treat a hot spot to the testicles with drops. Now the site has ignited greenish. Can we do something? Vlt. with chamomile tea or something? Thanks LG --answer-- Go to the vet would be the best for the dog the vet chec

    Tags: Animals Dog Disease dog + disease inflammatory
  • Dog barks only when someone is home - he guarded? 2019-03-21

    love all Actually, I am satisfied with my little 2nd hand. Since there is only one character that I would like to have answered by dog ​​professionals. So my little one is quite well behaved and barks NOT when someone rings the doorbell, children cry

    Tags: Animals Pets Dog pets + dog
  • Name for me (Youtube) 2019-03-21

    So Hiii my Channel hies previously DYNAMICGG from few reasons annoys me the name but mitlerweile, so I call the Channel into Just InZane (is this to be a Let's Play Channel in combination with Anime / Manga Reviews). The Anime Manga area is FaceFault

    Tags: Games Youtube Anime Manga lets-play Otaku Youtube anime
  • Lumbar Facet obliteration 2019-03-21

    Who has experience with lumbar facet obliteration --answer-- This is done by means of radio frequency and is successful in many cases and results in the relief of back pain !! Discuss with your doctor and you try it out !!

    Tags: Health spine lumbar spine sclerotherapy
  • Penalty for a person in need community 2019-03-21

    And although I have the internet read it at a 2 penalty in a year u25 the rental share of the person falls away but we would have to pay for itself? Because the Internet is also the other members-BG should not suffer under it and to an increased acco

    Tags: Rent sanctions
  • Extremely acids is how far it really? 2019-03-21

    Hello, had in ner television series seen times like a girl throws a toy of NEM boy in a vessel with acid and the toy is etched away. Have experience with sulfuric acid taken as a towel can be eaten. But there really acids as extreme as in this series

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