• Dog has diarrhea and makes Würggeräusche ?! 2017-07-25

    Hi Guys! Just as info, I'll tell you of a Yorkshire Terrier puppy dog! My mother told me that when they wegwar short 1 hour and came back, the apartment was full of piles or diarrhea. In its dog bed, on the ceiling, etc. Namely, it may not in the gar

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  • Dog-how 2017-07-25

    Hello, believed you would like to have a dog, where she was spontaneously? --answer-- Hey, depends on the circumstances and specific requests. We have not brought all our dogs from the shelter and never looked back. However, we rather take older dogs

    Tags: Dog pet acquisition
  • Beginner dog for us? 2017-07-25

    Hello, I am 13 and I and my parents want us soon buy a dog. We do not have dog experience and are not soooo consistently what we still need to learn. We considered perhaps to take a kromfohrländer. Is because suitable for beginners? We have plenty of

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  • my little dog scratching 2017-07-25

    my dog ​​(Maltese) scratching her fairly often on both legs on the same points. She does not have fleas because it we have been repeatedly searched and bite marks are also nowhere to be found. What could this be and what could I do about it? (Without

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  • Which dog breed is it? Felled very very good! 2017-07-25

    Would like to know which dog breed that is :) --answer-- I do not think that's a rhodesian would rather tap an molosser mix ... cane corso, dogo canario, large swiss mountain dog, rottweiler mix, something like that ... I once had as one who walked t

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  • Cat and dog reconciled? 2017-07-25

    We have a 5-year-old cat and a 2 year old dog, the problem is that they bzw.sich not hardly understand kennen.Wir have 3 floors, the cat is above and below the dog (the dog, the stairs and not high run down) Our dog is very stormy, can anyone help? -

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  • Dog is pregnant, the cervix is ​​open 2017-07-25

    Hey love community First of all, why is my known no Tierquälerin! YOU WILL ONLY HAVE ANSWERS !! She has a dog that is unintentionally pregnant, the end of November she was in heat and it also has (I can confirm) your bitch and her doggy isolated ...

    Tags: pregnant Animals Dog dog + pregnant
  • Neighbor's dog barks almost every day, for hours.  What to do?

    Neighbor's dog barks almost every day, for hours. What to do? 2017-07-24

    Good Morning, I have the following problem, my parents moved a year ago good in an apartment house and were also very pleased with the apartment. But for some time it happens all the time that the dog her neighbor morning 0500-0600 begins to whine an

    Tags: Laerm Animals Dog animal welfare dog + Animal Welfare
  • HELP Konzentrationslosigkeit and no longer receptive 2017-07-24

    Hello everybody, for years I have the problem that I am doing very difficult to learn, and to keep it in mind, I do not smoke, do not drink and take no drugs. And have never taken what, I easily distracted and hobbies (cooking) I can no longer pursue

    Tags: dementia concentration
  • Released ports in the router, but still not open 2017-07-24

    I would like to share a few ports. In the router I have my opinion everything is entered correctly, but if I eg my website known whether the ports are free is because they are not open. Even if I start a server on it ic hnur locally. Perhaps a fall o

    Tags: Internet server port release port release + Server
  • it is a hybrid dog ... or pure. with picture 2017-07-24

    for me it does not look very clean, right? recognize a basic mode, but looks to me differently. is only of interest because the dog for me a challenge would --answer-- Hello Why do you want to know whether the dog is purebred, then? Is it really matt

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  • parents convinced that a dog suits us. 2017-07-24

    hi since i can remember, I wish I had a dog, but never a get, as my mother says that a dog does not suit us. However, I do not understand that. it is the whole day at home. she thinks that the entire work would remain on her. So I would like puppies

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  • From which dog breed is this dog (see link)? 2017-07-24

    http://www.yaoqunsz.com/cute-fluffy-puppies-breeds/ Thank you ! --answer-- Yes, that's a nickname I know someone who has two of them in black Is a Pomeranian. But please do not looking for a dog of such websites. The animals are not only spoiled but

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  • Food food supplement for joints / bones for dog meaningful? 2017-07-24

    Hello, Short history: Today I was again at the vet ... My dog ​​(shih tzu, almost 6 years old) was shaking with the hind legs and the TA has said that this is due to the intervertebral discs. Now have noticed tablets for at home, this should I use up

    Tags: Animals Dog disc disc + dog
  • -US WW2 Infantry Ränge- 2017-07-24

    Hello, I am currently reading the book, the crusaders of today or the bitter laurel. confused me while reading who's who subordinate. Does anyone know the US infantry Militäränge? Thank you very much --answer-- http: //de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dienstgra

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  • the dog of my oma and opa's cheisst and pisses us bude full! hilfeeeeeeeeeee 2017-07-23

    which are flown on Friday for 2 weeks after hurrghada and have us leave him We go with him gassi morning and afternoon and let him play in our garden which is closed off with fences and still poops and he pisses the shack full! I do not let him my ro

    Tags: Dog house
  • Dog has strange Knubbel 2017-07-23

    My dog ​​is 9 years old and has been a few days so what knot like the right side of the abdomen, 2 slightly thicker bumps but under the skin we are go in few days also to the vet but does anyone know what that might be about? Schonmal Thanks in advan

    Tags: Dog Knubbel
  • get dog under control? 2017-07-23

    Hi :) I have a huge problem! I have 2 dogs (Golden Retriever, Labrador mix, both 6) and on the whole, the two real dream dog, however, are a problem, the two: when the 2 see another dog freak total and they can hardly be stopped and calm. They bark l

    Tags: Dog barking
  • How much should / must weigh my dog?!? 2017-07-23

    The Breed: Kangal, he is now 6 months old and has a shoulder height of 65 cm with a weight of 40 kg --answer-- Here there are no rules. If the waist is still good to see and the ribs are still easy to feel he has the right weight. In growth it must b

    Tags: Dog kangal
  • My dog ​​has something, what should I do? 2017-07-23

    Hello, I've noticed recently that my dog ​​always in one corner sits and does not want to go walkies or out short he sits just all the time and sleeping ein.Heute goes it her very badly they must choke all the time and their belly has become so tense

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