• Dog - cruciate ligament scribe ... further course of treatment? 2019-04-24

    Our 9 year old big dog has represented itself. After diagnosis: cruciate ligament torn ..... what happens next? If he operates ... or treated by Physio ??? Planned holiday with him in 2 months ... it will be painless until then? Would be very happy a

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  • Stomach turn in the dog? 2019-04-24

    Hi guys I have a Lahasa Apso and wanted to ask he ate degree how sensitive r is now so if you him bsp once cancels short he could get them a stomach twist? Thank you in advance for your answers Ps: Villeicht overdo I just am very careful with my dog

    Tags: Dog Stomach rotation
  • Cold and cough - school? 2019-04-24

    Hello everybody. Can nich asleep nasal congestion and cough. I'm already the last week mildly ill. Morning School Yes No? --answer-- (Can indeed be different from state to state but) we must rest three days without medical Artest home. Parents must t

    Tags: sick School
  • How "good improvement" in leukemia wish? 2019-04-24

    Hello My girlfriend is with acute leukemia in the hospital in the isolation ward. Total 6 weeks. Only her husband is allowed to visit. she is so tired and worn, they do not want to call or email. You just sleeps and is approx 3-4.Std. awake. I want t

    Tags: ill leukemia
  • Dog 16 months Bollard always and everywhere under trying to appease and 2019-04-24

    Good evening, I am looking for advice here because we are at the end slowly absolutely with the nerves. We have 2 dogs and one of them peeing on everything among themselves, after what I have read I go now assume that he does it from subjection (appe

    Tags: Animals Dog
  • Is: as dog and cat. A figure of speech or saying? 2019-04-24

    Question is! --answer-- There is a saying, because it can be installed in various positions in a set and not "something deeper" makes sense, as is the case with proverbs. LG If fact, because if a dog wags its tail, then he would be in the cat me

    Tags: sayings Proverbs
  • Dog and horse match? 2019-04-24

    Hello! This question goes to all Hundebesis their Wauzis to take into the barn :) I had my bitch Nami (Rhodesian Ridgeback 1.5 years old) with us. The horses are a threesome, Haflinger, every 8 years old. They came to take with my RB, as the gelding

    Tags: Horse Dog reunification
  • Parents for dog coaxing! 123 2019-04-23

    Hi Guys! Will have time long a dog but my mother says I can not get, we have had before 4jahren but we have brought back because no one has bothered because I wished no! And now I want a dog for spend all my money on anything and would! Already're 3

    Tags: Dog persuade dog love
  • CH dog tag 2019-04-23

    hello, looking for days on the internet for a page (or individual) that a Swiss brand recognition / "grave stone" offers me. Search no DogTags! thank you in advance :) --answer-- http: //shop.strato.de/epages/62098650.sf/de_DE/ ObjectPath = / Sh

    Tags: Switzerland grave Military Erkennungsmarke
  • Problem with dog .... what is that? 2019-04-23

    Our dog (Jack Russel) is 8 years old and makes them even more mischief are a few days. It looks like this: We go once a day with her for a walk and leave them otherwise up to 10 times a day in the garden. Unfortunately, this does no longer. Every tim

    Tags: Problems dog
  • Dog ate pills! 2019-04-23

    Hi I need help penetrate I do not know if I'm overreacting now but my dog ​​has eaten my tablets so far as I know it was only one! That Dolo-Spedifen forte 400 is on the leaflet: 1 film-tablet contains 400mg ibuprofen as ibuprofenarginat and adjuvant

    Tags: Animals tablets Dog Dog + tablets
  • Which dog suits ?? # 2019-04-23

    Hello, I'm looking for a dog to be held friendly and simple. Have also heard it called "mini-labs" are. Is there then Mini Golden Retriever? And which dog is best suited for a "beginner"? --answer-- Hello LuuunaaxD, So that is consiste

    Tags: Dog
  • Help? Dog behaves weird 2019-04-23

    Hello, my dog ​​behaves mysteriously recently. Although he is already 10 years old, but until now he was still always a very active fun loving dog. However, it is for a few hours nurnoch rum, squeaks without reason, does not like to touch, and it see

    Tags: Dog sick animals dog + sick
  • Scooters "plucks" the Approach 2019-04-23

    if my scooter (SKR 125) to max. drove 20 minutes really warm, he plucks the approach. Since he has automatic, falls the way. What can that be? Vibration and belts are almost new. --answer-- How many kms did it of? The centrifugal clutch is subject to

    Tags: motor scooters
  • City Council allocates Wesenstest on because the dog has barked times 2 same person 2019-04-23

    Hi I have a little problem I have a franchise from Einwohnermeldeamt get there I must make is a character test! My dog ​​is a German Shepherd He has 2 times barked the same person that is the foundation of the city This person does not even have a sc

    Tags: essential test action or not
  • labrador shepherd dog mix and a cat? 2019-04-23

    Hey guys and although I have a small cat so she's been 1 1/2 years old but it is small and I was asked if I can take a labrador shepherd dog mix ... So now the problem is that I do not like it at this mixture looks with the hunting operation and whet

    Tags: Cats Dog cat Cat + cats Shepherd
  • My dog ​​behaves strangely against my friend (difficulty walking) 2019-04-23

    Hello, here a little problem where I myself unfortunately I no longer help know've already back and forth considering how to train it, but falls me nothing clever one. First problem. I have a friend who suffers from MS for over 12 years, the last six

    Tags: Education Dog Handicap
  • Dog has pain! But which? 2019-04-23

    Hey guys today I will give you what ask very important unzwar if my dog ​​gets up howls briefly! Just when he lies down, he howls too! It runs through the apartment and trembles! While running, he sometimes cries briefly! He will not eat anything! Al

    Tags: Pain Dog
  • Dog gifted, previous owner wants it Back Route 2019-04-22

    Have been given months ago about 2 dog. He hatt mor and my boyfriend hand on it given that the dog and is now. (We have eyewitnesses) I was totally in love with the dog the SKN Theory school started. So now he wants it back. But we have an oral contr

    Tags: Dog rights
  • Husky and small dog? 2019-04-22

    Hello, I have a question. One hears from many quarters, that you should not hold individually a Husky, and should take a second to Husky. Is it enough, if you hold the Husky with a small dog (Havanese)? Lg --answer-- what do you want with NEM Husky?

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