• Send JPG image file and text in Yahoo! Mail 2019-10-18

    Hi Guys, have designed a letter containing a JPG image file and text. Unfortunately, I can not ship in Yahoo Mail as him. I only found the way to send the whole as an attachment. However, this is very inconvenient because I have consistently end up w

    Tags: Technology E-mail Yahoo file file + email
  • UK order should I note what? 2019-10-18

    Hello ! I would like like something out of order by GB ebay but you have since observed something? Or pay customs? (Item costs 55 Euro) --answer-- GB = EU therefore, no duty is levied on purchase. However, the UK has not the EUR as currency, so you n

    Tags: Ebay Order Customs package Shop order + package
  • for iphone 6 plagiarism report replica advertisement 2019-10-18

    Person A sells Iphone 6 replica (Thunderbird i6) to person B (person B knew that it is not original) person B exchanges it to person C (Person C knew that it is not original) Person C exchanges the turn to Person D (person C has concealed person D, t

    Tags: Display Ebay iPhone 6 plagiarism private purchase
  • Defective goods will get, and now? 2019-10-18

    Hi Guys, I after 8 days delivery time finally get my bandsaw hORNBACh (ordered via online shop). Unfortunately, I have the problem that this is a defect tension wheel has. This restricts the function now but not one because you can stretch the sheet

    Tags: exchange defective goods
  • I'm Pregnant ?! (panic!) 2019-10-18

    Hi Leuts, I currently ultra the panic I could be pregnant. how do I get it? I am drinking a glass of wine at my last pack pills and taken the pill about 3 hours later - all well and good but after I had sex more often and then when I get the rule was

    Tags: pregnant pregnancy
  • reset S4 2019-10-18

    HEY Uch want to reset my S4 to the factory settings have aper uch mind as I have my s4mini reset wanted to start my sim code sim card but have the S4 what I want to reset now has no sim card in it and meije question now If I reset the S4 without a si

    Tags: Help Samsung Phone password SIM card Help + Samsung s4mini undo inserting
  • SSD is long Sammer after deletion? 2019-10-18

    Hi is a SSD Long Sammer after deleting Dateinen it have meal which belongs --answer-- That you can not say so, you look: http://www.com-magazin.de/praxis/ssd/5-wichtige-tools-fuer-ssd-platten-7362.html PS: In your spelling you but still need to hone

    Tags: ssd slowly
  • 128GB SSD | is enough for Windows 7 Proffesial 2019-10-18

    Hi is to have a 128 GB SSD Enough to Windows 7 running fast Proffesial --answer-- Basically, you could still 7 to install other operating systems and programs. Sure, of course,

    Tags: ssd 128gb ssd + 128 Gb
  • PC keeps crashing or hangs in Minecraft spite System Restore 2019-10-18

    As mentioned above, my PC keeps crashing or hangs. I have recently started again with minecraft. About two three days ran it well, then he hung to the middle of the play, and I had to do a hard shutdown. I have a precaution to factory settings reset

    Tags: Minecraft Help Help + Minecraft hangs desperate crash Hamachi factory settings
  • Neck-cracking force harmful? 2019-10-18

    Jouu, I for a long time forcing cracking my nape almost always by a strong after right- and left-leaning of the head. Neuderdings I need to increasingly leftward and rightward leaning so because something cracking but without this crack I do not feel

    Tags: racing crack Neck Neck crack
  • spirit photography 2019-10-18

    Is it possible to take pictures with smartphone's so-called ghost images? Recently me a picture has been sent, on which someone is ready. Well, that is at first nothing unusual, yet curious, because this are two images in the proper sense. This image

    Tags: Photography Camera digital photos multiple images
  • Sleep disorder or something? 2019-10-17

    the holidays have ended the day before yesterday and I am in the Time Always 5-7 o'clock at night eingeschlafen.Ich konnt sleep letzde night garnicht and then I slept during the day and am to 8-9 pm aufgewacht.ich just asleep still trying even if it

    Tags: sleep sleep disorder
  • no Selbstbewusstsein- prom 2019-10-17

    hi, so I haeb on Saturday prom so prom. I'm actually very shy and only come right out of me with my friends. I am a person who only has girls as friends and against guys always block out immediately. On Saturday I Prom and 90% were asked by a young,

    Tags: self-confidence prom
  • how does one best the night through? i 2019-10-17

    without getting tired? --answer-- amphetamine caffeine cocaine mescaline Mate Ritalin Captagon ephedrine Phenethylamine derivatives but Try going to sleep better;) The stims without side effects The brief nap in between has been investigated in numer

    Tags: sleep night
  • all goofy no longer wants 2019-10-17

    Here mal ne ask something different from me .... I have a severe depression, and svv an eating disorder and I can not I want to die ..... but I can my girlfriend my friends related and not dasthen I leave will also übriegens soon admitted to a instit

    Tags: Problems distracted self injury
  • How do I submit an item from Amazon? 2019-10-17

    My turtle beach is on the left auricle almost dead. I have the headset so purchased before 1st year saying I nich warranty. But I come with all the stuff like, return etc. Not clear. but already checked Hab looking through nich. How can I return to r

    Tags: Amazon electro xbox xbox electro +
  • HDD can not defragment itself. 0% Defragments 2019-10-17

    Hello, the hard drive of my Win7 Pro laptops can not defragment itself. Property already some programs tried and also the Windows own defrag program. After the defragmentation process is defragmented there always 0% or 0 files. (CHKDSK I have tried,

    Tags: Windows 7 Hard disk drive defragment disk drive
  • night by making 2 2019-10-17

    Wanted actually not stay long as awake but now it's become really late. It's worth it in my opinion not to sleep by, but plan correctly what should I do now I have not. Someone tips for me as I can drive me to 8am the time? Hab ne ps3 to dispose a PC

    Tags: night-through
  • Child talks to 4 years still gibberish! 2019-10-17

    Hello, the little son of a very close friend will soon 4 years old, and still can not speak properly. Actually he can speak no single correct sentence. He is a very active child, rages and plays like a normal child. But if he losredet, a total gibber

    Tags: children language
  • Battelfield 2 Down Loden 2019-10-16

    Hi I have ne question. Who knows where to best Battelfield 2 Down Loden do I want to have it very much. Of course, it must also be (Legal). When it comes with CD-key've wanted soooooooo long have it but never found. Thank you all :) --answer-- buy it

    Tags: Games Legally



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