• best friends forever for App and Web project 2019-11-16

    Hello, I have an idea for an app that I would like to implement for iOS and Android. In addition, it also a product and company / team page is required. Originally I wanted to develop these things with the brother of my friend and his buddy, but by t

    Tags: software development
  • nice, light summer dress 2019-11-16

    Hello my dears! coming soon so the summer and I wanted to paint a nice, easy, knee-length summer dress / beach dress treat. Do you know much borrows beautiful (online) store or can you even suggest me some clothes? Thanks for your answers, Lg, charle

    Tags: beach Dress Summer summer + beach
  • Lg g2kein network 2019-11-16

    I have a new phone since today. I also have a new SIM card. but I am not getting power. Apparently I have to enter a code. How do I do that? --answer-- Presumably, the phone has a Simlock and does not accept the simcard. An unlocked for free is possi

    Tags: Technology Mobile Phone
  • eliminate Spulenfiepen? 2019-11-16

    Hello, there is a way to eliminate Spulenfiepen? --answer-- Hey, Here you have a site that can give you a few tips for a Spulenfiepen GraKa. I hope this helps you further: http://www.computerbase.de/forum/showthread.php?t=1164914 Cheerz! Which part o

    Tags: computer Spulenfiepen
  • Chickenpox can not back rub bad? 2019-11-16

    Hi I am 21 and have chickenpox since yesterday. I have tablets get where I soll.und take 5 pieces daily cream tannolact.das problem is I can move on pustules rub nicjt because I live alone and not have the he .is me rub that bad if I nicjt einreibe.b

    Tags: Help cream chickenpox Back cream + back
  • Ex husband owes me 6500, 2019-11-16

    Hello dear, by divorce owe my ex husband me 6500, the sum was higher but it has paid off a large batzen in the first year. the notary has suggested that he has 3 years time for the entire sum. I was so nice and told five years so he would not so unde

    Tags: Debt ex does not pay
  • SSD securely delete at startup (Windows computer) 2019-11-16

    Hi folks. How can I delete my SSD when the computer is secure? Wants to do that because I want to sell the computer, including hard drives and thus all my data to be securely erased! In a normal hard drive I had used DBAN, but I do so one should inde

    Tags: Windows format ssd empty delete reformat Clear + Format C
  • may be offset against disease daily overtime? 2019-11-16

    Can the AG charge the sick days with overtime? Are there any court decisions or paragraphs? Unfortunately I have found on the net anything suitable, maybe someone of you have a tip where you could make yourself smart. In labor court you can certainly

    Tags: employment payroll
  • Which email provider do you use? 2019-11-16

    --answer-- gmail Gmail or EasyWeb Builder, as you can there create as many email addresses and can use virtually infinite space. another (mailbox from an internet provider in which I used), otherwise GMX, gmail (ymail and web.de even available but no

    Tags: computer email
  • Motherboard and processor upgrade?!? 2019-11-16

    Hi I would like my motherboard and processor upgrade I have about 250 euros for disposal which motherboard and processors are well geeingnet for gaming? Current Hardware: CPU: AMD A8-6600K Mainboard: A88XM-A Video Card: Nvidia Geforce GTX 660 Memory:

    Tags: computer Hardware processor upgrade hardware + processor motherboard
  • Why Everything annoys me so blatant 2019-11-15

    Hello. I became for the first time mother in January got me in February ex separated from my because I love the Father of my son ...! By I'm been together for about 2 weeks bugging me my friend but totally sometimes he turns to silly and I really hav

    Tags: Relationship heartbreak Psyche aggressive lovesick + Psyche
  • Why you come to another solution if you so calculated so sattt? :) 2019-11-15

    Hi Why you come to another solution if you so sattt so calculated in the following task: A turntable revolves with 33 1/3 revolutions per minute and then get off. At expiry of the platter learn a constant delay ,, through which he comes after 2 minut

    Tags: Physics rotary motion
  • My wife gets no resin 4 because I deserve too much, according to the koba 2019-11-15

    hi i have a question and although my wife gets since february no money more from the koba because I supposedly earn too much what is the standard rate for resin 4 with 3 people. I earn € 1,385 and have issues with all issues CA900 € on --answer-- € 1

    Tags: Hartz IV KoBa
  • rent arrears pay because nobody wants 2019-11-15

    Hello, Visiting currently a professional school and make there the Fachabi. I have a daughter (3). I lived with my boyfriend and my daughter in an apartment together, but now I live with my daughter alone. through the school I get from student loans

    Tags: dismissal Student loans
  • Should I finish it now? 2019-11-15

    Hello So it's about my friend with whom I am now 3 years together. He living about 80 kilometers away from me and we're leading 3 years a weekend relationship. He still lives with the parents, I own apartment but time regards hartz 4. I do not work o

    Tags: Contract blocked
  • Search comic recommendations off the superhero (something like Fables, Walking Dead) 2019-11-15

    Hello, I'm looking currently for a new comic book series and would appreciate recommendations. I know quite a few superhero comics. In addition still Fables and The Walking Dead. What I just like in the latter that there is a continuous action that i

    Tags: comic walking-dead Fables
  • GTA V PC extreme framedrops 2019-11-15

    Hello, has anyone or someone knows a solution against strong frame drops in the PC-making? I play with the settings to "Normal", my Pc should but actually create Ultra ... Thx for Help --answer-- What hardware parts you have? Nvidia has speciall

    Tags: gta-5 PC + Games
  • Hair tips are from, problem hair 2019-11-15

    Please Before you answer, you read through the whole text, otherwise you will save the comments. There are already a lot of questions of this kind, but in no question I find myself so completely again. I have very fine / thin hair, the rich very quic

    Tags: Hair hair care
  • Tired of this life how can I get joy again? 2019-11-15

    I work since 2004 in a workshop for disabled (then by the employment office condemned to) there I can bear it no longer (my jail) and I live in a ghetto house (my bunker) all totally negative therefore I soon tired of living with so little money (Tha

    Tags: Tips vitality
  • Macbook Pro - Black screen with cursor and sound 2019-11-15

    Have me yesterday downloaded via Steam the game Cities Skylines. But I have a problem: When I start the game, the screen turns black. Possibly coming graphic errors and there are excerpts from other programs displayed that were open before it. The cu

    Tags: Apple graphics card Macbook Linux Mac OS X Macintosh City Skylines graphics card + Mac



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