• Customs fees for 360 US dollar value of goods 2019-05-27

    Hello, I would like on an American website to order something (specifically a poster with the dimensions 28x43 cm). The poster costs 360, - USD + 80 USD shipping to Germany. (Yes, I know: It's too expensive and I'm crazy to spend so much for a pictur

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  • Who goes to Rimini from 25.7-1.8.15? :) 2019-05-27

    Who goes in the summer between the 25.7-1.8.15 to Rimini and which hotel you have booked? --answer-- go on 24.8 with some girlfriends and have the hotel oceanic: D I go on 25/07/15: D schneider travel with and you? I think as you should rely on the F

    Tags: Holiday party Rimini Rimini Party +
  • Is there a website with just about all births since 1990 on exact date? 2019-05-27

    Question is above linked me the page, please, if you know them. thank you --answer-- No, of course not one that anyone can see, because that falls under data protection. There is a register of births, but which is under state custody. No. Privacy, pr

    Tags: Internet knowledge Technick Birth birth + knowledge
  • No more satiety - Why? 2019-05-26

    Hello, As is the title, I somehow no longer satiety. I could eat anything, although I ate really a lot at lunch. Is it because that I have lost 4 kilos? So from 02/16/2015 until now I have lost 4 kilos, ate a lot of breakfast, lunch and evening littl

    Tags: slimming Help sick eat diet medical fasting hungry eating + Medicine
  • get dog in the bathtub. 2019-05-26

    Hi, my dog ​​has gewelzt in cow dung all fur is full. How do I get it in the bathtub? You do not want to not even Leckerlie. (We have no garden hose and no shower) How can I now wash refuses to get into the bath? I try already an hour rum. I myself t

    Tags: Animals Dog
  • buy dog, yes - no? 2019-05-26

    Good day, there are certainly already many threads on this subject, but I want to specifically collect my circumstances, opinions and one probably also advice from experienced dog owners / dog school owners. I know all my life that I'm going to event

    Tags: Dog decision buying a dog
  • Dog my girlfriend barks at me 2019-05-26

    Hello :) The dog barks my girlfriend me very loud and aggressive at when I come to it, which is ridiculous because he knows me since he was a puppy and I am never mean or anything about him. I have always very much afraid. That's why I was thinking t

    Tags: Animals fear Dog Angst + dog
  • how can such images will make myself like in derr description?

    how can such images will make myself like in derr description? 2019-05-26

    --answer-- You need two layers in Photoshop or Gimp, etc. On the first you cut the many small images side by side, on the second you put the big picture over it. then you just have to adjust the color and set the transparency of the big picture. done

    Tags: Photos collage
  • as internship cancel? 2019-05-26

    Hi people Today was my first day in my two-week internship and it was terrible, I'm the only other chased and seemed totally goofy. Nobody has talked to me or something shown. Besides these, I do not want anyone to change diapers or wash, I can not.

    Tags: Hospital Internship
  • Paypal account Frage1 2019-05-26

    Hello if someone sends me money via PayPal is responsive to the PayPal account or on my normal account --answer-- On the Paypal account from there you can so at your banking account can rebook It lands on your PayPal account. If you want to have it o

    Tags: Finance PayPal
  • Are these fakes? 2019-05-26

    I have discovered in Aliexpress "Nike Roshe Run" for € 26. This must surely be unique fakes or not? The Nike logo looks like the original. --answer-- The originals cost about 90 euros therefore are certainly fakes. The Nike logo looks like the o

    Tags: Customs forgery
  • Girlfriend seeking 'cool song :) 2019-05-25

    Hello :) A friend of mine would like to join The Voice Kids, but she has kp what they want for a song take them. Have you vllt. an idea? I look forward to your answer!! :) --answer-- You need to know in which music is their strength. I would recommen

    Tags: sing TVK
  • Remedy for dandruff and greasy hair 2019-05-25

    Hello, I have dandruff and oily hair and find a good remedy. I would prefer a home remedy or something that almost everyone has at home. Thank you. --answer-- I can tell you, after all, times the head and shoulders shampoo recommend - the effect can

    Tags: Hair greasy scaly greasy scaly +
  • How does the oil transport? 2019-05-25

    Have in my apartment on the 3rd floor standing oil heaters 3, which are supplied by supply lines from the basement with oil. In the basement a large oil tank is connected to pump. If I the valve close to the lead in the cellar (according to legend),

    Tags: heating transport pump oil pump
  • Customs Outside the EU 2019-05-25

    Hello, I have 2 times headphones bought for each 21.99 on ebay well has now shipped I have to pay customs duties or is it still in the statutory sense. Or. 2 were 1 packet. Total value € 40 +. Or it would be wiser 2 packets to send each 21,99 were wo

    Tags: Customs China
  • No sound on Tablet 2019-05-25

    I have an Acer Iconia Tab 3 ... there since yesterday no sound is more! What can I do about it? Sounds at the touch of buttons there, I was already in the settings but there is whether the volume the sound herbekommen already at 100% as I can again L

    Tags: Help what do No more clay
  • Does anyone have experience with set Nail Design starter? 2019-05-25

    Hello people :-) I would like to order me a nail salon and starterset've been to Ebay rumgestöbert there I found the set of Neo nails this appeals it is priced about 40 € and has a good air. Has anyone made experience with others or this set, he can

    Tags: starter nail design
  • calves with exercise bike workout? 2019-05-25

    If calves trained when riding a fitness bicycle? --answer-- Calves are very persistent and relatively small. That you have this seeeehr train intensively to establish this. The calves are practically the You trained with each step doing. Therefore, t

    Tags: Health fitness
  • Price for ship 2019-05-25

    Hello, I wonder what it would cost a motorized boat which provided for an Atlantic crossing without refueling between and with a cover on the place a 15x15m kleinflugzeug space. Please with links to a specific ship. If this were the other possible? O

    Tags: ship shipping Cannabis ocean sailing Atlantic maritime transatlantic ship sailing +
  • be psyched help 2019-05-25

    Hello :) I wanted to know how to turn on itself. I mean without drugs / alcohol. simply that one is lively and funny. thank you --answer-- To be psyched you do not have to once be tired. Cola or other caffeinated beverages can help if they are not us

    Tags: Emotions Instructions



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