• How long real hair holding clip extensions? 2019-04-25

    How long do about clip extensions so real hair? --answer-- Depending on how well you do pflegst! If you do keep them well pflegst accordingly :)

    Tags: Hair length hair genuine
  • An airbrush body painting and model? 2019-04-25

    Hello, For some time I am dealing with the topic of body painting and have also been a few smaller projects behind me. Recently I discovered another hobby now: Warhammer 40k These models made of simple plastic can be according to a statement of a fri

    Tags: model airbrush acrylic paint body painting airbrush acrylic paint +
  • settle alimony from the tax, although the ex-partner refuses statement 2019-04-25

    Hello, I need an answer m area of ​​control / maintenance. I pay my estranged wife at the time maintenance in the amount of 560 € per month (separation maintenance). This I have done in 2014 and would now tax-deductible these payments. There is the o

    Tags: Maintenance divorce tax return the tax office tax office + tax return
  • damage to property 2019-04-25

    In my house someone has my property I damaged have photos etc and have seen photos and how he did it but how much is the fine for something ??? --answer-- Damages on insurance, if available: it depends on what is damaged. He must reimburse you the pr

    Tags: fine criminal damage
  • Dog ticks at other dogs on the plot 2019-04-25

    Hello!! I have a really loving 6.5 years old Tibetan Terrier! We have a large enclosed garden where he liked and extensively staying! Now we had already 2x in the event that our dog when a another dog with its owner in the property passed, is over th

    Tags: Dog aggression other pet
  • dog drinks a lot after tartar removal and must therefore much pee 2019-04-25

    We were at the vet and there was our dog 13j.Zahnstein entefernt.aber he was then not good drauf.jetzt after 2 months, he drinks a lot now and then must naturally pee a lot. --answer-- If the dog wants to drink a lot, then let him. He needs that now.

    Tags: what do you do
  • Dog in Pension - wrong Plfege 2019-04-24

    Hello, our dog, a Tibetan Terrier was for 4 days at a "lady" in care. When the dog dispensing She was told how the dog is to feed, veterinarian name and our phone number, when we picked up the, we got a real shock. The woman had shaved our dog.

    Tags: Dog kennel
  • Dog - cruciate ligament scribe ... further course of treatment? 2019-04-24

    Our 9 year old big dog has represented itself. After diagnosis: cruciate ligament torn ..... what happens next? If he operates ... or treated by Physio ??? Planned holiday with him in 2 months ... it will be painless until then? Would be very happy a

    Tags: Dog cruciate ligament
  • Stomach turn in the dog? 2019-04-24

    Hi guys I have a Lahasa Apso and wanted to ask he ate degree how sensitive r is now so if you him bsp once cancels short he could get them a stomach twist? Thank you in advance for your answers Ps: Villeicht overdo I just am very careful with my dog

    Tags: Dog Stomach rotation
  • Cold and cough - school? 2019-04-24

    Hello everybody. Can nich asleep nasal congestion and cough. I'm already the last week mildly ill. Morning School Yes No? --answer-- (Can indeed be different from state to state but) we must rest three days without medical Artest home. Parents must t

    Tags: sick School
  • How "good improvement" in leukemia wish? 2019-04-24

    Hello My girlfriend is with acute leukemia in the hospital in the isolation ward. Total 6 weeks. Only her husband is allowed to visit. she is so tired and worn, they do not want to call or email. You just sleeps and is approx 3-4.Std. awake. I want t

    Tags: ill leukemia
  • Dog 16 months Bollard always and everywhere under trying to appease and 2019-04-24

    Good evening, I am looking for advice here because we are at the end slowly absolutely with the nerves. We have 2 dogs and one of them peeing on everything among themselves, after what I have read I go now assume that he does it from subjection (appe

    Tags: Animals Dog
  • Is: as dog and cat. A figure of speech or saying? 2019-04-24

    Question is! --answer-- There is a saying, because it can be installed in various positions in a set and not "something deeper" makes sense, as is the case with proverbs. LG If fact, because if a dog wags its tail, then he would be in the cat me

    Tags: sayings Proverbs
  • Dog and horse match? 2019-04-24

    Hello! This question goes to all Hundebesis their Wauzis to take into the barn :) I had my bitch Nami (Rhodesian Ridgeback 1.5 years old) with us. The horses are a threesome, Haflinger, every 8 years old. They came to take with my RB, as the gelding

    Tags: Horse Dog reunification
  • Parents for dog coaxing! 123 2019-04-23

    Hi Guys! Will have time long a dog but my mother says I can not get, we have had before 4jahren but we have brought back because no one has bothered because I wished no! And now I want a dog for spend all my money on anything and would! Already're 3

    Tags: Dog persuade dog love
  • CH dog tag 2019-04-23

    hello, looking for days on the internet for a page (or individual) that a Swiss brand recognition / "grave stone" offers me. Search no DogTags! thank you in advance :) --answer-- http: //shop.strato.de/epages/62098650.sf/de_DE/ ObjectPath = / Sh

    Tags: Switzerland grave Military Erkennungsmarke
  • Problem with dog .... what is that? 2019-04-23

    Our dog (Jack Russel) is 8 years old and makes them even more mischief are a few days. It looks like this: We go once a day with her for a walk and leave them otherwise up to 10 times a day in the garden. Unfortunately, this does no longer. Every tim

    Tags: Problems dog
  • Dog ate pills! 2019-04-23

    Hi I need help penetrate I do not know if I'm overreacting now but my dog ​​has eaten my tablets so far as I know it was only one! That Dolo-Spedifen forte 400 is on the leaflet: 1 film-tablet contains 400mg ibuprofen as ibuprofenarginat and adjuvant

    Tags: Animals tablets Dog Dog + tablets
  • Which dog suits ?? # 2019-04-23

    Hello, I'm looking for a dog to be held friendly and simple. Have also heard it called "mini-labs" are. Is there then Mini Golden Retriever? And which dog is best suited for a "beginner"? --answer-- Hello LuuunaaxD, So that is consiste

    Tags: Dog
  • Help? Dog behaves weird 2019-04-23

    Hello, my dog ​​behaves mysteriously recently. Although he is already 10 years old, but until now he was still always a very active fun loving dog. However, it is for a few hours nurnoch rum, squeaks without reason, does not like to touch, and it see

    Tags: Dog sick animals dog + sick



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