14 year-old girlfriend Search (tips)

Hello I'm looking for a 14 year old girl because I do not want to be alein. Here is my question: How do I find a girl and what can I say? thank you in advance :)

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Why do you want to have a girlfriend? If you want a 14 year old then go icj assume you equal, are one or two years older. let you're still prefer time and pastime your time you alone with your pals.

You've determined girl in your class or even on your school.

Suppose you have a the did you like in your class and dare not to go so directly to her up (which I believe because of your question here), then when the next time group work is you say to your buddy: "Let me see time with the and the do"

Then you've ever bit what did each other and talk to her, you have to definitely show interest in her, was JTZ but not as you say, "Oh you're so pretty, you're the most beautiful blablala ..."

Then you slip namely automatically in the "Friend Zone", so they want you no longer than a buddy.

Just be yourself and go to normal with her, then you see yes obs between you two playing: D

And in any case you you need confidence when you do not have that then just pretend like you have it, I know it is often said but it really works!

Had cool if I could help you, can I also like a star can Most helpful answer there, so once that goes: D

go outside, what do people know ... maybe a new sport and do everything so ... at least not (like many others) sitting in front of the computer and wait until it comes fourteen stop around the corner.

know Unternimm was and learn new people, sometime you find them

city ​​or'll ask friends if they know Go out into your not medels know with dennen her then do what you can or cinema so..oder enterprising holding something with your friends and friends of friends and do you learn Inmer more people

Under Partnersuche.de there you will find a few

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