Can vertauen index funds?

what could be the worst possible?

The best answer

"Trust" you can give them, because they are designed according to clear rules and since no manager hereinpfuscht ^^. But because index funds consist of stocks, they can fluctuate in value very.


In 2000, the DAX reached 8070 points to 2003, he has dropped to 2200 points. A drop of more than 70 percent.

In 2008, we started with about 8050 points, 2009, we were up at 3670 coarse -55% in eighteen months.

what could be the worst possible?

Total loss - at least in theory.

But if you nachbildest a correspondingly large index (MSCI World, S & P 500) is almost excluded praktich.

You have to adjust repeatedly not gie same question. Purchase shares (possibly via a savings plan) and jump into the cold water. The rumtheorisieren and weigh never replace personal experience. Test your own risk tolerance is how high.

watch time retroactively the period of the last 10 years, and then you can have wonderful form an opinion.

each share and each fond of course a high degree of winning opportunities but also potential losses.

adopted the money and let it lie if you wish to have to invest in this area. pay attention to cost and not panic when the price falls immediately :)

You mean as ETFs on the DAX or S & P500. That's not very popular for a reason. The risk is plus linked to the performance of the Index. The fund costs. Unlike certificates it is with the issuer risk. These ETFs is a kind of special assets of the issuer, that is separated from its eigentlichem assets and retained during its bankruptcy.

As such, I see now really only the price risk and that depends, as with other asset classes such as futures, options, or further to the up and down from the market. In highly volatile phase, the risk is higher than for example in the steady upward-phase (see the last years)

The worst case I do not like to name (perhaps state bankruptcy?) But one of the worst cases would be that you now invest in an index fund and am currently given high point of the very very long stock market rally with a larger but still normal and necessary correction first 10-30 einfährst% loss and the streches over many years in a sideways market.

Index funds, passive, really are the best way for private investors to invest in securities. However, the more suitable for long-term construction, about 10-50 years.

Trust already but you are right to market fluctuations of the index in the invest. Therefore, I would not miss my actively managed funds.

They abkacken if the index breaks.

The sibility already at the new market, as well as DAX and Co. have already received severe setbacks.

The funds you can already rely on, but you must play that you do not need the next few years with the money

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