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Hello and good morning dear community. I am in the teaching in 2nd year in a world-famous company. At the beginning of training my expectations were really high and I thought that we are well trained. Regular should every month a training place but that is unfortunately not the case. Shortly before interim and final exam then all the threads are cut by a purely another. That is the first point of intended not lawful. Second point, we are often planned from the start more than 11 hours and are then asked if we could stay longer. So end open! And I know the age apprentices MAXIMUM allowed to work 10 hours. In addition, we are to run errands, be exposed in front of the other colleagues, we make day every day the same form of work and there is nothing but really taught anything about our trainers us. It mandates be taught-personnel thus to train to us. If we work more than 10 hours, is forbidden to us auszustemmen so we just have no evidence against it. Broadly speaking, we trainees have arrived to work to clean around and everything and meet everyone to work his wishes. GOING SO NOT AND I WILL ME HOWEVER fight! My question is, what rights do I take? What do I do best? What can I do without the operation to switch? I hope the experts among us can help me further. best regards

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Is there with you a works council? If yes, which of course is the first way. If not, then you only remains that their going together against it. An individual is because probably do nothing. That apprenticeship are not fun years, now knows everyone, but here no one seems to care about the rights of apprentices. More work, so be 11 hours and longer, and remain prohibited by law. As you get addressed in future to it, I would easily advance appointments, so doctor etc., that you can not stay longer. Since you can leave you certainly think of lots of things. As a last resort I can only see that you change the operation, which is now on the agenda. If it were possible for you, I would go this route. to blacken a employer, always comes across very badly and finally remains what hang on you. The risk I would not go. Fang at times but, to look like, maybe there is indeed something in this regard. I wish you all the best

Here you can find about the rights and obligations of trainees:

Apart you should contact umgend to the training consultant responsible for your training chamber, and describe the situation to him in your training company.

He should you with advice and assistance, and contribute to a proper education concern.

The address of the competent chamber, check your training contract.

Teaching years is not fun years. Of course, you're a cheap labor force and in training is not constantly taught something new, but you'll stop for work used otherwise no one wants to make. You can determine your rights to insist, as though then looks at the end with a takeover then questionable. Important but that you, the operation is at all teach something, and if there is even separate training take the Just with and hold your feet still.

You have to be trained a right tidy, and if this is not so then go to your YOUR boss and tell him that you do not find what we inordung since made with you. If you have to work zulang makes your company an offense, did you indeed ever mentioned. You're here to there to learn what not to brush or to make things that are not at all in your training. Goes to the CCI or just to those who are responsible and then, however, the Controls, I would but it first on an objective way to go euerem chief and try to tell him that.

You write "we", so it should be no problem to report to the apprentice chamber and to make "together" the same statements, and have rolled it all and the company was cited and you have peace. LG

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