Dog feeding raw meat?

Hey, I once in a dog show saw (I think it was), in the felt, as the trainer has her pack hides the seizure in the form of meat in the garden. She has taken flesh, unfortunately I could not tell whether raw or cooked, and it hides in its large garden. But she has previously cut into pieces, which she then hid in different places, so that the dogs had to run around a lot to find anything. Among other things, so that the dogs have to "sniff" the meat. For example, in a branch fork in accessible height, or in a tree hole. The pack had while waiting on the terrace. (Obviously well educated .... ^^) The trainer has said that it thus to "experience ever" makes the feeding, and the dogs do not have to simply squat down and eat. I wanted to ask if that makes sense, what meat one there takes best if you cook it or hidden it raw. The one does not do that every day, and that in pure meat, not all materials are included, the needs of the dog for a balanced diet, is clear to me. Thanks for answers, Pink Cloud

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Some dog owners are changing over their dogs only raw meat, fruits and vegetables to feed, - because the sooner in the wild nature was so and the dog is set on it. It is more expensive than dry food, because it must be freshly prepared.

I know dog owners that

  • give only canned and dry food
  • only Barfen
  • do both

All dogs seem fit. In some dogs helps Barfen against diseases, the next k * nt or has diarrhea. Just try.

Dogs must be employed - and if they have to prepare their food the joy is greater than the chunk as the finished cup. Only need to know what he has to do in the garden of the dog. If you want to do that, you need patience and a hungry, clever dog. If you have bad luck, he looks at you blankly ....

All necessary information in this regard can be found under

The meat will be given raw and should consist of 3 different meat sources. For example, beef, lamb, poultry.

In a normal untrainieren dog, you're going but with meat still can not lay track or the like, since meat is much less odorous than the finished feed that he knows from before. That you need only then practicing with strong-smelling stuff, like cheese, fish or temporarily with treats or the old lining.

We Barfen our dog for 2 years and she is doing much better than processed food. Then she had less fur, which was very dull. She slept more and was generally not so fit. Barfen is good for the body, the immune system, muscle, tendons, bones and pieces when feeding also good for the teeth, in that the dog must chew.

You get as significantly more diversity in, than would be possible with finished feed.

If we feed our dog sees the ernährungstechnich like this. You get 2% of body weight, are at 16kg dog, 320g feed.

This looks like this:

  • at least 70% meat offal + + + bone rumen
  • it should 15 to 25% fat be contained
  • 30% pureed vegetables and fruits
  • quality oils (salmon oil to Omega 3 balance, linseed oil. Evening primrose oil, pumpkin seed oil, etc)
  • no grain!
  • no sugar!
  • little to no carbohydrates (potatoes, rice, pasta, corn, soy, etc) Dogs draw their energy from fat, all other burdens the kidneys too.

Only as a general overview.

Suki has since been a better eater and would be even really on the food. We give it to her, however, very rarely just happen. Normal it needs it in the apartment (wrapped in Preydummies) search or retrieve or what else do it. Since the imagination knows no boundaries.

Barfen is often attached, above all doctors, controversial as they get it preached by the feed industry for decades that prepared food is the measure of all things. The fact is that the only Barf feeding is, in which you can completely free to choose what your dog gets and can pick and choose all the ingredients themselves without fear of having to that there is another undeclared waste nor any inside. Depending on the origin of the meat you can even run out of food quality is also suitable for the person.

It is somewhat more complicated and requires best case a freezer to the masses of meat accommodate, but 5 minutes a day, I invest in the food my dog ​​worthwhile later in the rarity of vet visits.

If you barft with healthy Memschenverstand, you can not go wrong.

Counter-question: Have you ever seen a wolf, fox, prairie dog or a hyena (ie wild, not domesticated animals, the dogs at least similar) seen cooking its prey or fries before he eats?

This is called Barfen. Is Extra stores for something

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