Dog has now often diarrhea what can you do

Hello everybody,

our yellow jaw 8 years, female, sterilized, 18kg, apparently has problems with digestion. We had you had inherited from the father-stroke and could no longer care. With him they often had diarrhea since they had received his food scraps and not you noticed what they are going when gassi so period.

Our disadvantage is that we are both employed and from 9 to 16:30 are not at home. Situated on the outskirts but not to change!

when she came to us we asked around on drockenfutter and diarrhea was no longer an issue. Now perhaps comes the big outcry but we feed the premium from Aldi, but now only the Sensitive 10 kg from Lidl. She had always well tolerated, but in the last 8 weeks three times diarrhea makes us sit up, that was not earlier. They fart just the evening significantly more, which is hardly bearable. They usually always makes the morning and in the evening a big business, no diarrhea. You get a cup of morning and evening feeding one recommendation from the vet.

the last time she made even in the morning and at noon normal size extremely into the house, then in the evening back to normal. This morning a very small solid sausage and mushy and three times then !! Now I give her just rice!

Therefore I ask times to your recommendation, fütterverhalten which is drockenfutter good and acceptable for sensitive stomachs or intestines better?

would be nice if you can help us.

Best wishes

The best answer

Hello sidius28

If you ever were at the vet and it was no worse causes, I would recommend you dry food for sensitive dogs. The visit of many brands, take this from the brand you trust and try it out. Against diarrhea visit for dog treats activated carbon that bind toxins and ensure a good seat. Are completely harmless. If that does not work with the dry food, try it once with BARF. So fresh things that do not further strain the bowel such as rice, chicken meat etc. not finished feed.

Kind regards :)

It's best to do first a gastrointestinal Diet z / d from Hill's (is not cheap but it is high quality, there's only the vet) and speak with your veterinarian if he can give you something to support the intestinal flora (eg Dia Tab)

And talk time with your veterinarian for a Kotunntersuchung.

Speech best again because of the diet, the intestinal flora and the fecal examination with your veterinarian

Get well for your dog

You should the lady be examined immediately on inflammation of the pancreas. The diarrhea you fight best with potatoes and Quark.Aber tomorrow for TA. We have a pancreatitis behind us .The hell wars.Und please please let the fingers of cheap feed from discounters. Give her what really good.

we feed the premium from Aldi, but now only the Sensitive 10 kg from Lidl.

The feeding is generally very unhealthy. You should not feed the dog with cheap food from Aldi and Co, but to switch to a high-quality feed, for. Example Wolfsblut or Platinum.

Furthermore, the dog might also suffer from intestinal parasites. Let the dog investigate then!

Try another feed, then you realize, obs is better or not. Known spent months searching for the perfect food because her dog had the problem. I do not remember the name, is any expensive Biotrockenfutter.

The dog is seven and a half hours alone. If he has always reacted sensitively, it is all too likely that the combination of poor food and loneliness, so mental stress, suggests to the intestine. That's no life for the dog.

Go to the doctor

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