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Hello everyone, My mother missed her homeland, and she wants to move there, so I wanted to make a power-point, are in the good things about Germany, to show her what Germany has to offer, I want there to write down everything, so also eg geschte vin Germany, attractions and so compelling. Do you have ideas?

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Munich is beautiful. Bayern generally. Super Social System. greeting


then write as simply out why you do not want, what would you be missing.

What interests me it is beautiful in Bavaria (although this is true) if I want to go home? Arguments to stay could be my children, and thus are not we but you required to make their clear why do you want to stay.

Pfalz, Wine, North Sea, Munich, Bayer, Rhine, but make the PowerPoint liebermit ie term effects rather in right film (my opinion): D

Hello. (:

Social System + Health System.

Show her but beautiful locations from Germany. (:

Lg (:

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