How do I persuade parents to a dog?

Hi, has anyone an idea how I can persuade my parents to a dog? You mean a dog will not fit into our lives, but I think he already does. We have experience with dogs and would be enough for him at home. Have you perhaps good reasons for a dog?

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before continuing with the question tormenting yourself and your parents' dog yes or no ", you should do the following:

You's certainly aware that a dog min. 3 times a day out must total at least 2 hrs.. (The puppies we have now times sidelined).

So you stand in the next 3 months half an hour earlier on, in storm and rain, snow and ice - no matter - and going this half hour you spazieren.Wenn after school home come, you embark again at least one hour. long a walk, whether your friends grade plan and undertake other things.

In the evening, again at least. Half an hour again a walk.

There are NO exceptions - and also the excuse "no dog is not stupid" does not apply. If you really want a dog, will you not be difficult for this "exercise" - because you must be clear: once the dog is fed, this scenario does not only play for 3 months, but many many years.

Whether the friends go swimming in the summer, if they want to go to the disco, whether it is storming, snowing, hailing, whether you feel like it or not !!

I'm curious, how many days you these walks are already burdensome and thou "verschlampst". Thus, you probably soon realized that a dog can not only great, but also at times exhausting and "annoying".

And only when you've actually done it for 3 months (and NO exceptions) to meet this requirement, you should start with your parents again talking about a possible acquisition. They probably see your desire then even with different eyes.

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You must first prove that you can take care of a small dog. Get you first a foster dog and show them what you can;) But I would also think about einbisschen. A dog really needs much, much responsibility. If you do not have that, the idea is the same gone;) Can also try your parents vollzulabbern properly with dogs, for example, what do you know about dogs, as they are easy to clean and this and that: D

I've done it myself ^^


First you have to prove to them that you can take responsibility :) So you really care about a dog can! For example, I often times carried the dog from friends or taken a dog, if someone has gone on holiday :) So my parents found a little taste for the idea!

but I had just the luck that a good friend of my father had bought an Australian Shepherd, and my dad was thrilled by the rascals! :)

I then started for ads on the Internet to search, showed them pictures of the dog babies and so! Eventually my mom started talking about it, that she would somehow like to have a dog ...

Sometime after a looooong time was also my dad at a point where he said you bought but nen dog if you want umbedingt!

My mum and I were actually even about to buy a dog ... a Malamute :) Wonderful race, but this was already 2 years old and that was just too tricky. Ignite Momentum has then started to look after my Dad ads and girl in love once in a little Aussie! :)

But you have to remember that something does not work with all parents :) Mine are just now rather loosely of course!

There are no arguments with which you can convince your parents. If one wants to keep a pet, all family members must really want.

You have to wait so until you grow up and have their own apartment, then you can keep a dog - if your lease, your income and your other life allow.


I've done it, after much convincing (persuade is not good, because if they are not 100% in agreement and the dog is sick may not want to go to the vet.

Why do your parents think of the dog does not fit into your life? Try to find out and then to find arguments!

Do not forget that a dog needs a lot of responsibility and a lot of costs !:


Dog control: about 60 €, for so-called attack dogs twice

Food (quality with min 70% meat and no animal and vegetable origin, pedigree and so is very bad, I recommend Marengo or Markus mill.): Monthly, depending on dog size 30 -... €

Accommodation for the dog on vacation, the dog is not always desirable,

Accessories: at the beginning about 300 €

Vet: castration 300-500 €, Vaccination, an OP can be very expensive about 2000 €,

Hundeschule: 100-200 € for the puppy price


Should it be an adult dog or a puppy but an adult dog has usually already more education enjoyed as a puppy where you have everything, incl. Being alone, housebreaking, ..., teach !?

En dog from a shelter or at a the breeder? The advantage of the breeder, you know the parents and know how they have grown. The advantage of the shelter, you can give a home, which is a disadvantage, you do not know how its history is and what he has experienced a poor dog. Take eight against cheap puppies (Wühltisch puppies), which are cheap puppies mass produced (you can say only produced) are and to 1000% are ill.

Here is another question which asked about the criteria that you should consider before purchasing Dogs: https: //www./frage/welche-kriterien-sollte-man-erfuellen-um-einen-h ...

Lg. And when you'll find yourself really in the theme into kneel you be able to convince your parents,


PS .: Show them sweet dog pictures and let you know if you wish to have a pedigree dog breeds on, otherwise if it is to be from a shelter a dog on the animal shelters around you!

anyone has an idea how I can persuade my parents to a dog?

Unfortunately, not at all. And persuade is the worst precondition, after all, is a dog supposed to be a family member and must be liked by all family members and welcome.

Dogs are very expensive!


Dog control feed

Hundepension (holiday period, not all dogs are welcome)


Veterinarian (can sometimes cost up to 2000 EUR, z. B. OP in an accident or illness of the dog)

Hundeschule etc ...

It costs a lot of money to keep a dog.

A dog lives 10-18 years and one must be able, a dog, a dog's life, to be able to meet every day.

Dogs attitude makes work and takes time! A dog must repeatedly daily in great depth. And gassi out, whether it storms or snows! Who should do that if you're sick at school or times ?!

In addition, your interests, obligations and friends in the next few years will change, so you have no interest, no time and no desire for the dog will!

Stop to edit your parents, certainly most of the work would remain with the dog attached to them!

Get a dog if you're an adult and you have enough time and own money for a dog have?

I think you have to show that you are responsible to them by other things

not persuasion, but an animal is too important. But you can make a plan, that they may see that you are serious

Tell them: Mama, Papa. I need a companion for jogging ^^

not at all. If your parents do not want it is their right. You have most of the work, bear the cost, and have a responsibility.

You are at school, who cares in dee time to walk the dog? You're soon an education, then who cares about the dog?

Who pays the bills around? Who goes out at night when the dog is sick?

Best evidence first that you can them PROCITEC responsibility that is most important for a pet.

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