Impairment for Hyundai iX35 600 EUR

Hello, some time ago someone hit me on the side of my car. This was about 8000km and is 8 months old. Original price was approximately € 18,000.

The value of the repair was measured at about 4700 € and the impairment to 600 €. Do you find the amount of impairment as appropriate? I think it's a little low.

Since the appraiser and attorney will get more. Since the money had to prefer to land with me !!!

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Objectively the car is after repairs in the same state as before - strictly speaking, even a little better, because he has a couple of brand-new parts. The impairment takes into account only the fact that you can the car no more than sell "accidents" and thus achieve a lower income in the event of a sale would. Whether this reduction in price would actually be at 600 euros, I can not judge that, the referees better than me. My gut feeling would say "already fits".

If it's any consolation: If you are driving the car ten years is the predicate "accidents" definitely not 600 euros worth more, and you've made a profit.

The lawyer and the expert you'll have commissioned yes. Ddmit it's your beer, if you are of the opinion that the money would be better with you.

Otherwise: yes 600 euros are a bit low, that way you can not sell as crashed the vehicle.

The impairment is already ok in this case. One can always estimate about 10-15% of the repair sum as an impairment.

A car loses in 1st year 40% of its value and to € 600, that's enough to completely loss ^^

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