In a week to work off 8 kilos?

Hallu, I once heard from my brother that if such and such burns calories that you then decreases a certain weight. Is that correct? For example, if 14 I am now and 8 kilos over the ideal weight lies (do not panic, I am happy with my body, only interest is) how much I burn then an hour and what I need to do? And how many days I have to do, etc.?

Thanks for answers, Ldz

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It is said that 7,000 kcal correspond to a 1kg body weight. Now, if you eg every day consume 2,000 kcal and additionally by exercise or 1,500 kcal consume (= requirement of 3,500 kcal per day) and eat nothing, you would have lost 8 kg after 18 days.

Apart, that is impossible (because you previously klappst together) is the ne Milchmädchenrechnung. This agrees with the 7,000 kcal = 1kg so namely not. Switching your diet and sports intensity also changes your metabolism.

Apart from that weigh more than fat muscles and through sport you build muscles.

How many calories you burn in which sport is dependent on your age, your size and your weight. So a flat rate can therefore not say that.

on there are various computers, answer all your questions. How accurate are, was once an open question like that. But give even a rough guide.

If you are a day, let's say 3500 kcal consume (with weight training or whatever) then you have to 3499 kcal per day to eat to slim down 1kcal.

To much and lose weight healthy, you should think I have 500-800kcal deficit. So 2700kcal eat, for example, if you consume 3500 kcal.

This is possible but not healthy and you have to stop to comply with a stark nutrition and training plan

decrease is firstly not a quick affair and secondly no easy

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