MacBook no longer plays music?

Hello, My sister is currently on holiday and has allowed me while eating to use their laptop. This never had any disturbances and also is always running. A few days ago but he has all started to play without sound. Say: Videos are soundless, music I can not hear, etc. At first I thought that this is due to my headphones, but in my phone it function properly. I really do not know how that can be. The laptop was only in my room, never fell down and beside me he has not touched. Knows there perhaps from someone?

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Do I understand you correctly: neither the internal nor external speakers headphones (or speakers) deliver a sound?

Can it be that you have versehndlich simply turned off the sound? If you have already tried to use the volume keys (F11, F12) and nothing happened, press times in addition the "fn" key (bottom left) and the F12 simultaneously. If it still does not work the following help:

Go the top left of the apple ... there in "System Settings" menu ... it opens a window ... in the second row is a right speaker "sound" ... please take this on ... choose the menu " internal speaker "... now everything should go back.

has Wenns folded, I ask for positive Rckmeldung ;-)



If a restart does not help go to Settings> Sound> Output and look there if there internal speaker is selected. If not selected from.

Have you ever tried to turn up the volume? That goes with the keys where a speaker's attitude or in the status bar where the speaker is pictured above.

  1. If the laptop is turned on?
  2. Is switched on in the system settings the sound?
  3. Is the speaker connected?
  4. Originates the laptop from Apple?
  5. Apple does not sell laptops but Macbooks !!

Start the mac simply times again

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