My 7-hour drive and I drinks still on :(

Hi Guys.

I soon my 7-hour drive and booze still when driving from ... mega embarrassing is that (I think), it naturally belongs to it, but in front of a pedestrian crossing I'm 4x flooded, since I have the clutch is released too quickly. Sometimes I think I'm the worst drivers in this driving school.

Can you help me? How can I drive concentrated without drowning and what else? I really need another emotion for the clutch. My Driving school car is the new BMW 3 Series. Will I still have to learn that I can quickly make the duty hours?

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You already get more from this feeling! But off thinking always the heel to press on the floor and then just pull the foot to thee, and let the heel on the ground then have a better sense

Hey;) So I have now 1 year my rag and I'll tell you one thing can drown the clutch only one problem: you're saying to yourself "away quickly" and bang there's the problem, you'll learn to gasoline or diesel? The diesel is actually quite easy because you can even with blast furnace gas (as gas) drive and then step on the gas, you do not have to come coupling calm and add with feeling gas, is to develop the most important a sense, it is a petrol applies: the consumption of gas already come during the coupling can thus the gasoline are what clutch as clearly Sensitive but there is again the point: develop feeling ... driving time with a parent aufn parking and driving on all the time, and the important: always calm you stay have a driving school sign back up if someone honks cal ** on it, he should drive past or mob may be you completely Latte :)

The schlechste driver you nich, are worse, did three years ago when driving school quite often stalls (had NEN astra diesel) machs now only very rarely and I NEN petrol

That comes. Mir is the car itself flooded once in the examination, which is not that bad (depending on the situation). But you will notice that it is still improved. eighth Simply more it usually helps.

I thee will indeed make no fear, but in the driving school you drive a diesel. If you umsteigst later on a petrol which is much worse ^^

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