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but Heyy So the dog of my neighbors to whom I have looked after died before 1 year and I still miss him sooo much because he was like my own in the meantime I have another dog know I extremely like have now and I only go for a walk with him and not sooo but a deep bond did it anyway just love have! I now know that my neighbors got a puppy and I got him today he visits is totally sweet just now playing my emotions crazy: the FUNERAL about the deceased dog, the joy about the puppies, and I do not know how to do the to the dog not to neglect with which I sometimes go for a walk and I would like to also take care of the puppies

I've been thinking for a walk with two to go but there are males and females, and nobody is spayed or neutered

Please help me I'll go crazy and I miss the dead dog sooo much :(

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Male and female is not a problem as long as the dog is not in heat, and that is the earliest 6 months (usually only be 9 months or 1 year of case). In addition, you will notice this and then you can not run with two naturally. I have also neutered female and male. The advantage is that usually always understand what is not always the case with the same sex.

Actually, it is also very good when Welpi with adult dog running together since Welpi can orient itself and also can learn a lot from other dog breeds. But it may also be that of the adult dog is the puppy back and both no longer hear.

But it is neither your dogs. Therefore you should both owners speak and at their first meeting at least the puppy owners should be there. Whether you it you zutraust to run with both, must you know. It can be easy - but it can also be difficult. You have two dogs eighth. This is not always easy, especially if you have dogs encounters with others, etc.

Note puppies can not and should not run as long as the other dog.

That you still grieve for the old dog, I can understand. One can mourn a yet enjoy one another. My old lady dog ​​died in December. You will always remain in my heart, but I enjoy every day of my two other dogs.

The puppy does not replace the dead dog.

It was not even your own :-( I can well understand how that feels missing a dog. My faithful soul went 7 weeks.

It is now up to you to continue to have the dead dog as eternal number 1 not only in the heart, but also to transfigure. So you also for taking the opportunity to open up for the other animals. You block yourself!

It is possible to in deepest love to keep one in memory while also loving the other way. Try it a try :-)

Currently there would also be possible from the biological side, both to perform together, so they also get along since. If the puppy is sexually mature, a separation must take place. Until then, it is only times without problems.

Since you anyway permission of both owners need if you are planning a reunion, you also need to talk to both of the topic. Maybe, too, that both refuse flatly. Then you have no choice, then you have both run individually.

Try but first, sort your feelings accordingly.

When miss you can help no one. Look to see if you can make the two known each other a long walks together are not possible with a puppy, max 20 - 30 min. I think from the 6th month 5.- you can extend it then. So that's the critters, they go ahead ...

1. the dog with your sorry :-( you could to handle the grief a grave at cemetery animal reserve where hald full a hair from the inside, or so 2. question whether a neutered / sterilized and then behold I Hope could help LG Honigbienchen00

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