Pioneer deh-1500ubg "pre-out" / "subwoofer output" suddenly very quiet

Hello *,

I have just my pioneer deh-1500ubg again installed in my car. Now, the problem that comes out on the subwoofer output only very little power. I am all settings went through saying:

  • geänder under initial sp-mode
  • the subwoofer is set to "REV" and "NOR" under the normal settings

it may just be radio, because if I use another device on the same line as for example mobile connect it functions normally.

nor for info I have the output stage connected to a separate srtomquelle.

I hope you can help me greetings Max

The best answer

I would set the radio to the factory settings and then try again. Possibly but what is adjusted. If not, even consider it a headphone to the output from the radio. Is there then very quietly what to hear, the output appears to be faulty. What comes out, then exchange times from the connecting cable.

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